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I am always out on adventures and outdoors for much of my time too. My skin has many years of taking a beating and yourbalm is the product I use to repair and care for it. With my bald head I am even more exposed to the elements for sure. On mountaintops I have winds constantly drying my hands and face. When writing indoors the dry heat can cause havoc to my skin at my age if left to defend itself.

I have tried lots of products to protect and care for my skin. The big brands give me rashes, what do they put in there? Or cheaper unknown brands just don’t help at all. What I have found is that yourbalm is now my reliable go to, apply and forget. I thought it would be great to talk about as the question of me being perhaps weather beaten over time often comes up.

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This is a good point, as yourbalm is made with 100% natural products.

Coconut Oil – An ingredient with a great known variety of skin benefits from being a natural moisturiser to help reduce inflammation.

Grapeseed Oil – I have sensitive skin in that can rash easily in dry heat as I have said. The grapeseed oil helps counterac this with a bonus of helping protect against damage from the suns rays.

Avocado Oil – An ingredient with a huge amount of good properties for the skin! More moisturising. Full of Vitamins A, C and E. It is known to help fight damage and heal the skin against things like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Beeswax – Used for centuries as a known antibacterial substance. And in my case it helps fight against the weather elements, hot or cold.


The tins on sale are all 30 ml. And I can honestly say they will last you a very long time even with daily use. I found out really early on that you only need to use a tiny amount. Literally rub a small amount out of the container between two fingers. Sparingly this little amount goes a long way indeed.

I use it for all the intended areas. Face, hands and lips. Before I go outdoors to protect and then on return to repair and protect more. A good all in one solution.

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It Works

As I am outdoors so much, my skin does suffer. I can really suffer with dry rashes, especially on the forehead etc. What I have found is that yourbalm not only clears it within a couple days, but can stop it happening if applied before going out. Hence it is a go to, and something I make sure I pack if heading on travels.

Where To Buy

It is made and sold in the UK and comes in packaging for Active, Man or Woman.

You can buy yourbalm here direct.on their website.

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