White Chocolate Raspberry Kiss

A wonderful warming cocktail made for love. Chocolate and raspberries together with plenty of extra sweetness to get your tastebuds going with a new twist.

I a previous recipe we shared with you ‘The Chocolate Waterfall‘ cocktail by Cheri Loughlin. An incredibly talented and personable intoxicologist who creates some fabulous and unique cocktails. She has chosen to share here a lovely new one to try.

From the desk of Cheri………….

Hot chocolate has always been a cool weather guilty pleasure. Simple joy can be found in an ordinary prepackaged powdered hot chocolate mix. It is a staple in my pantry. Adding a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg to the mix turns ordinary into special. It takes seconds for on the go liquid indulgence.

Simple and special are exactly what I had in mind with the White Chocolate Raspberry Kiss hot chocolate. We all want a delicious and decadent treat once in a while. Our busy schedules just don’t allow us the time to slow down and make everything from scratch. I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend a few extra minutes lingering over my mug of hot chocolate than over a saucepan making it.

White Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Hot Chocolate

Sweetened condensed milk is very thick and sweet. It is milk with water removed and sugar added. In my opinion it tastes a little like white chocolate chips. The flavor and sweetness factor make it an ideal base for hot chocolate. Since it is already liquid, there is no need to melt it.

Fill a tea kettle with water and set it to high while you gather your ingredients. If you prefer to heat water in the microwave to speed the process, that works too. This is a boozy hot chocolate, so be prepared to kick your shoes off and snuggle in for the evening.

almost drank it all

Chocolate flavored vodka brings a kiss of chocolate to the recipe. Raspberry liqueur adds succulent berry flavor. The sweetened condensed milk blends it all together with creamy, delicious goodness. White Chocolate Raspberry Kiss is smooth and decadent. A true taste treat.

white chocolate cocktail

White Chocolate Raspberry Kiss – recipe by Mixologist Cheri Loughlin


2 ounces Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 ounce Chocolate Flavored Vodka

3/4 ounce Raspberry Liqueur

4 ounces Boiling Water

Whipped Cream

Chocolate Sprinkles


Place sweetened condensed milk, chocolate vodka, and raspberry liqueur in heatproof mug. Stir briefly to blend. Place in microwave for 45 seconds to warm. Top with 4 ounces of boiling water from tea kettle. Stir. Top with mound of whipped cream and lots of chocolate sprinkles. Add a couple of stir straws if you wish.

White Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Hot Chocolate 380

This flavorful hot chocolate will take you from fall to spring with all the lovers’ kisses in between; kisses under the mistletoe, kisses for a Happy New Year count down and Happy Valentine’s Day kisses.

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