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No we are not going to burst into YMCA, this is a short journey through one of London’s leafiest suburbs. Hampstead village, an oasis in the concrete jungle of London is a place where the countryside comes to the big smoke. Up market restaurants, high end boutiques, artisan bakeries and ancient village pubs and churches compete for space in the narrow laneways where the beautiful people live.

Village People – Hampstead 2

Village People – Hampstead 3

Shops spill out their wares onto the cobblestones and locals politely elbow each other for the best bargains at the second hand shops where you can buy anything from a vintage handbag to a vinyl record. I loved meandering, where every turn unraveled a new delight whether it was an ancient pub snuggled away or a row of Georgian houses probably looking as resplendent and gorgeous as they day they were created.

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Village People – Hampstead 5

I was tempted to sit and people watch, allegedly famous people tread the pavements where I am and judging by the property in Hampstead they cost a film stars wage to buy, but I was on a mission to uncover Hampstead in under an hour. Jonathan Ross didn’t amble by and Gerri Halliwell was no where to be seen but judging by the locals it was easy to imagine they had just popped into the artisan bakers to buy some crusty wholemeal rye bread or were supping fine wine in one of the many local restaurants.

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