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I am often asked what apps I use on my travels regarding a whole range of subjects. Be it photography, money, keeping up do date and so on. It is about time I shared some of this with a wider audience on here in case any of you are looking to help in whatever you are up to. I must stress that I am no way affiliated with any of the below and I have found and used organically myself. What is more? They are all free.

Photography – Snapseed

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Apart from travel and hiking, photography is a main hobby. How could I share my ‘live’ travels without posting photos quickly on the go?! Well I am not one for wasting time making all pixel perfect, for me it is about snapping a photo of what I see, be it on my phone, gopro or camera, whichever is to hand. Then snapseed is my go to app to get it ready for posting on social media, quickly, looking how I would like it. Think of it like an express photoshop in your pocket. I never want to stray from the real image too far myself but the options for quick editing and enhancing on Snapseed are immense and every update brings more.

Money – Revolut

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Travel means money. Travel means keeping a track on your spending as well as spending no more than you have to. This is where the future is heading regards money. No travel cheques, no expensive travel cards and no hidden fees. Revolut is the app and card for all my needs when I go abroad. A travel card/account that can be used with ease, forgetting about words like commission, losses on exchanges etc etc. Instantly transfer money onto the app from your credit and debit card and you can use it to make purchases in over 120 currencies. Your card also carries the Mastercard logo and can be used in every ATM I’ve tried the world over so far. (Tip – When purchasing and the option of local or home currency comes up, choose local and you will not lose anything on exchange). There is so much more to the app than even I use, send money instantly to friends for example using social media, whatsapp etc. Well worth looking at.

Communications – Whatsapp

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I don’t think there are many people out there not using whatsapp for their comms anymore. Or should I say there are not many people using text messaging anymore. Even though I am travelling and hiking that doesn’t always means the world stops, or things don’t need answering. With Whatsapp I can use my data in UK to send receive messages with loved ones, networking and so on. When abroad you can always use for free in WIFI or use data if you are on an elaborate data plan. Simple and quick, with media use easy.

Video – Quik (by Gopro)

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Ok, you are on the go and you want to make a short video…. and quickly! But you still want it to look great and well produced. Quik is perfect for me. Take all the video clips you want on your GoPro or phone or whatever. Then load them into the Quik app. From here you can have a video edited in no time. Crop the clips in, choose a (music/imaging style and go. The app will show the complete video in time to the music, fading in and out done for you! And you can change the style at will before easily uploading to social media or Youtube on the go. Have a try and a play, it is easier than you think!

Language – Google Translate

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I never thought I would use this, or that it would be so intuitive or useful until I had a minor road accident in Italy. The language barrier was causing all kinds of issues and confusion with the police. I got out this app and within seconds was communicating with them easily. I spoke in English to my phone and it came out seconds later in Italian, and vice versa when they tried to relay anything to me. Must admit that caused more of a scene than the accident itself I think but it worked. I have now used it in many situations without thought. Ordering food, buying goods, asking directions and more. You can even translate signs and menus using the app via the camera. It will change the words to your own language before your eyes.

These are five, and there are more for sure. I will go into details on future posts re photography tools, mobiles, kit, keeping power for all, more apps and how I use them. I look forward to sharing more behind the scenes of my world.


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