The Solid Bar Company - Your Perfect Vegan Travel Companion 1

The Solid Bar Company kindly sent some of their lovely products to review from their natural vegan personal care range.  

I was interested to know a little bit more about them so I had a look closer into their history. The company was founded by Rebecca, a qualified horticulturalist and aromatherapist with her husband Nick in 2014. They say the idea came to mind when they were sailing across the Atlantic in a small boat and today, the Solid Bar Company offers luxury vegan, plastic free personal care products.

Their products are 100% vegan, contain no alcohol or chemicals and are highly concentrated as they contain no added water. They are lighter than their liquid counterparts, safe, natural and organic and child & pet friendly. The smell and texture of them feels luxurious too.

The products I received included their Herbal Vegan Shampoo, Herbal Vegan Conditioner/Shave Bar, Sensual Sandalwood Lotion Bar, Lavender Castile Soap, Botanical Body Butter, Awesome Bug Repellent and Afterbite Relief Balm.

The Solid Bar Company - Your Perfect Vegan Travel Companion 2

I took the Awesome Bug Repellant on a hike up Scafell Pike. The bar is very easy to use, you can rub it onto your skin and it leaves no greasy residue or mess. I loved the ease of use as when you are walking or hiking or out for the day, you don’t want to be messing around with roll-ons or sprays. It is also natural, effective and totally Deet-free.

So, back to the hotel for the evening and I tried the shampoo bar.  Again, this product is easy to use and I would imagine great if you are camping or travelling light. No bottles or fiddly lids, simply lather the bar up then apply the bar directly to your hair.

If anyone is unfamiliar with using a shampoo bar (I was so there is no shame if you are too!) then take a look at this.

The soaps are creamy and moisturising. I loved the lavender as it smells wonderful due to containing only lavender essential oils. The best lavender soap I have smelled!

The Solid Bar Company - Your Perfect Vegan Travel Companion 3

The Body Butter is light and silky yet moisturises well. Ingredients include Geranium and Patchouli essential oils giving it a fresh calming scent.

They use light, recyclable packaging which is either in travel tins or biodegradable packs. This lends itself to being perfect for travel, especially camping and all the products can be used with minimal faff. They are also long lasting ‘no spill’, ‘leak free’ and ‘carry on’ approved.

If this piqued your interest and you would like to peruse and purchase any of their lovely vegan products then head to their website and for BaldHiker readers, please add PAUL15 for a generous 15% discount at the checkout.

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