The Secret Lagoon of Hong Island 1

After visiting the incredible white powder beach of Hong Island, our boat then headed back out to sea and we started to cruise along the rocky coastline.

Pic 2 Sarah Rees Hong Island coastline- lagoon

We were looking for a narrow entrance in the rock face…

Pic 3 Sarah Rees Hong Island Lagoon Entrance- lagoon

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At the centre of Hong Island is a cavern that can only be entered when the sea is above a certain level.  This is what inspired the island’s name as Hong in Thai means ‘room’ or ‘cavern’.   Small boats can enter this concealed lagoon through the narrow gap in the rocky cliffs.

Pic 4 Sarah Rees Hong Island Lagoon- lagoon

Once inside, we were able to slowly explore this magical lagoon.  It was almost totally sheltered from the sea outside and the water was incredibly calm.

Pic 5 Sarah Rees Hong Island Lagoon Stripes- lagoon

We quietly circled the lagoon, slowly cruising past the colourful limestone rock faces.

Pic 6 Sarah Rees Hong Island Stalactite- lagoon

Some of the chunky stalactites were enormous…

Pic 7 Sarah Rees Hong Island mangrove- lagoon

At the far end of the lagoon, we drifted past a well-established mangrove forest, thriving in this sheltered location. The distinctive root system was poking out of the water; holding the little trees above the water line on woody stilts.

We were travelling by traditional Thai long boat, but we had been joined in the lagoon by other tourist groups travelling on motor boats.  I wasn’t sure if one of the boats would actually fit through the small gap in the rock on the way out as it looked like the tide was rising…

Pic 8 Sarah Rees Hong Island High Tide- lagoon

Reluctantly we left the island behind us and headed back for the mainland.  The images of Hong Island’s beautiful beaches and lagoon will stay with us forever.

Pic 9 Sarah Rees Islands Thailand- lagoon

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