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The household, when Gadys the dachshund and the cats are around can make the makeup up to 2 dogs and 2 cats, which makes for a whole lot of pet hair as well as muddy paw mess, drinking mess and food mess on the floor.

That means I cannot use any old vacuum but also I am not in the market for an industrial size product just for the home. A huge added bonus here is you can save a lot of time by being able to mop and vacuum at the same time.

The ROIDMI X20 cordless Vacuum and mop combo is a revelation for me and not only provides the results I need but also design and ease of use. I have previously been using the S1 vacuum from ROIDMI and was delighted they allowed me to test the X20 in my pet filled home.

roidmi x20 parts

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ROIDMI X20 Features

When it comes to features it is more about where do you start? It is a powerful vacuum in its own right but with an attachment that is quickly and easily added you can mop as you vacuum along. That is a headline for sure but on its own the vacuum is one of the best in class in my opinion.


There has been a huge improvement on power, in fact 30% more with 120,000 rpm and 145AV suction power. That means deep lying pet hairs are easier to remove from carpets. Also on the hard flooring I also found the extra rpm didn’t mean sending crumbs in all directions either. You can tell these things have been thought out.

Battery and Charging

Cordless vacuum cleaners this powerful of course use a lot of power. You can also though choose the amount of power you need to three levels when you use it. On the lowest, normal day to day setting, one charge will last just over an hour!

magnetic wireless charger

But when it comes to charge you can avoid the annoyance of plugging a cable in each time. It seamlessly and magnetically attaches to a wall port you can put where you want to store it. Wireless charging, click and leave so it is ready for your next need.

mop attachment roidmi x20

Mop at the same time

Yes this is the bit I was interested in. How does this work? Well the attachment holds 160ml of water and simply clips on behind the vacuum head magnetically. it literally takes just a second. Tech innovation is fully on show here because as you push the device along the floor it deep cleans behind with the mop. The pad will constantly have enough water on to do its job but technology stops it from overflowing and having too much water.

x20 brush heads

Brush Heads

You have the normal carpet brush you get a soft rolling brush for delicate hard floors or when mopping. It is a self cleaning waterproof design that stops itself spinning dry.

Design and Weight

Here is a part that I like especially when compared to other brands making cordless vacuum cleaners. Maybe you are mopping with it and want to add pressure down for a stubborn paw print? The handle goes both ways and at 270 degrees so no having to adjust your body too much at all.

The power button does not have to be kept down at all in use which helps a lot but as with the S1, there is a light sensitive ‘headlamp’ that allows you to see where and what you are cleaning in dark spaces.

mattress roidmi

With all the accessories you can do all you normally wish for and perhaps more too! Remember the days we had to get the car as close as possible to a power socket? Or trying to use a heavy cordless machine to get pet hairs out of awkward spot near the back seats? The X20 has detachable and attachable accessories to make it easy and it is very light in weight.

The ROIDMI X20 - Powerful Cordless Vacuum & Mop All In One 1


So, has the ROIDMI X20 improved my daily life? Yes it sure has. There are so many plus points. Power, weight, ergonomics, ease of charging and ease of use. The mop attachment allows me to clean in one go after a return from a muddy dog walk instead of it being an ordeal that needs a go of vacuum plus then a mop. The big cleaning mop comes out less now.

Do Malc and Gladys approve? Well it is something new for Malc to herd around but I have also noticed the sound of it is a lot of decibels lower so he is much calmer with this than others. Bonus!

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