The Faces of Bea 1

It has been a while since I put a Bea update up on here. She seems to have become a mainstay on my photos out and about via my Twitter etc. In the first post you may remember that I explained what kind of dog she was and how she was progressing through her first year. Well as you can see she has reached past one and is happy to pose whenever… she loves being out and about!

Faces Bea-4

Faces Bea-9

Faces Bea-7

BaldHiker Social Walks

Being all sighthound you can imagine the hours and hours of keeping of trying to keep her focussed and attentive to me whilst out. Still working on leaving squirrels and rabbits alone but that is in her blood so may take a lot longer. However, she loves company and walking company so to answer a question many of you ask on social media…. Yes she has learnt very well to sit and wait… ‘Wait’ is the word where she knows to sit until I have finished taking a photo, she got that quite quick to be honest 🙂

The Faces of Bea 2

Faces Bea-5

As I stated in the past, in the house it is all about lounging and sleeping, so snapping the odd pic is a breeze.

Faces Bea-11

Faces Bea-6

She definitely is such a poser…. Even when sprinting. I will show that in a future post but now at adult age she is in top form, easily 40 – 50 mph I would say at top speed. Now her legs have fully formed it is time to get her on the mountains and trails proper with me. She will love it!

The Faces of Bea 3

Well, she certainly is helping me on my fitness drive to say the least and her appetite for exploring is huge which is a great bonus. She loves the open fields, the coast, well, pretty much anywhere open and free. I look forward to her accompanying me more. Where next Bea? 🙂

Faces Bea-10

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