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This article is about the absolute best tapas restaurant in Barcelona that you must, must visit.

It’s called Cerveceria Catalana and it is based about a 10-minute walk from the university. In my case, this meant a 10-minute walk from my AirBnb, so I visited it twice in three days…

It’s has two bars – seemingly split between seafood and meat/vegetarian-based tapas and both are stuffed to the brim with individual items that change according to the fresh produce available. Both bars are heavily crowded, with locals drinking wine and sampling the delicate morsels on a whim – the atmosphere is busily inviting.

The sit-down menu also has a fantastic selection – from baked camembert rolled in nuts and smothered with cranberry sauce and creamy, soft octopus on a bed of sweet potato to ultra-crispy, salty fries covered in alioli, tomato sauce and a poached egg that is muddled up at the table by your waiter. It’s basically the perfect hangover cure. They also do delicious sangria if you want help the other way.

Tapas Heaven in Barcelona 2

We did a mix and match – ordering from the menu and going up to the bar, shouting our table number to get fried fresh squids and mini croissants stuffed with parma ham and melted cheese.

We kept eating and eating until we genuinely couldn’t eat any more and yet the meal didn’t blow our budget – about 25 euros each, including sangria. There’s also a fair amount of tables, so you shouldn’t need to queue outside of weekends.

Go there – you’ll feel like a kid in a sweetie shop, but instead of sweets there’s TAPAS. And thank you Charles and Donna for the recommendation.

Tapas Heaven in Barcelona 3

As a side note, don’t take the cable car in Barcelona – long queues and not worth it if the queues are so bad!

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