Sunrise variety of the Eden Valley 1

Last Summer I sat with camera on the lawn and took some photos that became the post on the Eden Valley sunset.. However, as I currently live in these parts of Cumbria, I do spend more time early in the mornings out wandering the valley with the hounds. Autumn in the Eden Valley, Cumbria is especially great for the morning dog walk, the sunrises can be dramatic, different colours and full of variety. You never know how it will be from one day to the next, not a bad thing at all..

Sunrise variety of the Eden Valley Sunrise variety of the Eden Valley

Some days purple, some days pink or orange, very rarely is it exactly the same. If I have done the dog walk pre dawn I can get my kick-start for the day by grabbing a coffee, sitting in the garden and enjoying the peace as the colour comes alive. Most of these pics here are snapped from just a smartphone, the things you gain just by being ‘up and at em!’ Even the birds have got used to me pottering about.. The blue tits have started coming to me now whenever their seeds have run out as if to remind me.


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Sunrise variety of the Eden Valley

Of course, this is Cumbria! Sun every day? Haha alas no but that doesn’t mean it makes that morning glimpse of sunrise any less spectacular. Clouds do add a sense of vast drama to the scene.

Sunrise variety of the Eden Valley

Then, there is something else that occurs lots in the Eden Valley… mist! If you are ever up on the pennines or over on a lake District Fell, looking down on the Eden Valley early in the morning… you may see it blanketed in mist, however, if you are within and as it rises the valley can show its beauty even without the sun itself.

Sunrise variety of the Eden Valley

My favourite time of day. The hounds love it too. So I have no doubt that there will be plenty more sunrise pics and scenes to come as well as all I have shown from around the world in the past. I will show more from lands afar, more from felltops like the dawn from the summit of Helvellyn for instance. But one thing is for sure, the sunrise on my doorstep is one to savour in itself.

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  1. Vivienne sault says:

    Beautiful photography, love it.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      Hi Thank you so much!

  2. Lesley Fenton says:

    I am an “up with the larks” person well. Loved this! I have not developed a personal relationship with my birds yet. You inspired me to set up a feeder this winter, but our wild rabbit , whom we call Wellington, will sit still and listen to me chatter when we are both in the yard!

  3. wow.. Excellent photography, all the pics are simply superb.It’s always a nice feel when we see sun during sunrise and sunset.Loved all the pics.

  4. Love these photos which are so worth the early rise! I’m often amazed by the sunrises I see when dashing out the door for the tube at 7.00am. I will definitely book in a few early rises for my days off in 2015!

  5. David Coulson-Lowes says:

    I used to live in Penrith and always found it amazing that just over the Beacon was another gem so close to the Lake District, only this one seemed a well kept secret.

    Love the pictures, reminds me of watching the sun rise on the way to work vis Hutton in the Forest.

  6. These lovely views of sunset are a testament to the technology of miniature smartphone lenses: how DO they do it? Thank you for sharing with us Paul. We love your regular tweets and facebook posts. Keep ’em coming!

  7. UK Travel Blog says:

    Hi, I to am an early riser and love seeing the most beautiful time of the day also, especially when no ones around to disturb the peace and quiet. I love the images you’ve captured they really showcase the wonderful colours and patterns that often appear in the morning sky.

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