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Cinque Terre

I must say i have a passion for many things… Photography, travel.. I won’t bore you with the whole list, but like many of you i find it hard sometimes to fit it into a busy schedule. One of the reasons I like to be on twitter, besides meeting new people, is travelling through others also. And enjoying to see how everybody sees the world in a different way. One of those people is Stefano, he travelled a lot but is still able to see the beauty of the world around the corner, showing you don’t have to go far to capture a great moment….

From the desk of Stefano Pedroni

I was born near Milan in 1976 and I’ve been passionate about travel and photography ever since I can remember. I come from a family of adventurers who took me around the world at every possible opportunity. My passion for photography started here and has grown ever since.

After graduating in Tourism, I left Italy and worked in the tourism industry to sustain my travels in various places including, Senegal, Greece, Egypt. Eventually my work took me to Mexico where I discovered my other passion, cave diving, and I remained in the Yucatan Peninsula for the following 11 years. Throughout these years, I became an avid photographer all the while learning and self teaching where ever I could.

Photography became my priority after leaving Mexico and moving to British Columbia, Canada for one year. Fate then brought me back to Italy which has been my base for the last two years.

My photographic inspiration is simply the world around me and my work shows the world the way I see it.

When I think “Travel” I always pictured somewhere very far away. I recently realized that beauty can be found just around the corner and started to travel in Italy a bit more. This photo was taken  in the trail that connects the towns of Vernazza and Corniglia, in the cinque terre region, just a couple of hours away from my Hometown.

Stefano's Eye For Detail Around The World 1

The “Ponte Gobbio” of Bobbio, a sleepy and marvelous medieval town in Piacenza province it’s a very photographed landmark. I wanted to shoot it in a different way so I decided to wait just before sunset and, using a polarized filter combined with an ND filter, I obtained both the silky effect on the river water and the long sun rays.

Stefano's Eye For Detail Around The World 2

I love animals, every single one of them. I was feeling extremely guilty after back riding “Sanja” so I wanted to pay her back by taking a nice portrait of her and this is the result.

Many times good photos happen to be the complete opposite result of what you had in your mind. The following two pictures are a good example…

Stefano's Eye For Detail Around The World 3

I was on top of a hill in Hornberg, Germany, wanting to shoot some panorama of the Black Forest. At the end of the day the best photo I took home was this concentrate of multicolored houses that resume so perfectly the atmosphere of that place.

Stefano's Eye For Detail Around The World 4

In the photography world beauty is normally associated to pristine landscapes or exotic beaches but I personally think that every single subject can be interpreted artistically resulting in a great shot. I was out in a field planning to take some sunset picture, when I turned around facing this “ugly” factory, I noticed the setting sun was highlighting the building in a very dramatic way and decided to shoot this instead.

Stefano's Eye For Detail Around The World 5

Lakes are a great subject when you like landscapes photography. I’m lucky enough to live a very near a dozen different ones. This is a sunset at Lago D’Orta, shot on a cold February afternoon. I wanted to get this nice smooth effect on the water using a GND filter and a long exposure but the water was too still to aloud me to get the result I wanted. I so started to throw rocks in the lake while taking the shot and achieved my goal.

Stefano's Eye For Detail Around The World 6

One of the things I like the most about traveling is “people watching”. So many different characters, faces, behaviors, lives that are so different and distant from mine and faces that I’ll probably never see again in my life… unless I can capture a little glimpse of their daily routines in one shot.

Stefano's Eye For Detail Around The World 7

Often are small things to make a difference between photos, like in this picture of Stonehenge, where a bird flying towards the sunset gives that extra touch to the image.
Or like including just a few simple branches in front of the full moon to produce a picture with a unique signature.

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