Sparkling Red Wine, McGuigan Black Label Shiraz

Sparkling red wine? It has certainly come a long way from the old too sweet cheap wine of the past. In fact so much so that McGuigan Black Label Shiraz has quickly become a favourite of mine for either winding down at the end of a busy week or as a refreshing drink with light meals. It is perfect for those impromptu days where you sit in the sun and feel like a cool and refreshing drink with real deep flavour as well.

I have been drinking this very often and so eager am I to get into tasting it each time it has taken me a while to stop, take some photos and do a review on it. This particular sparkling Shiraz hits the spot for me personally in many ways. It is refreshing and cool with subtle bubbles yet keeps that lovely rich flavour of red, more of which I shall go onto shortly.

Sparkling Red Shiraz

Whenever I mention to people about my new found love for Sparkling Red Shiraz I get a cross between knowing looks, and now way, Sparkling Red? Yikes!

Social Wellness Walks

Don’t get me wrong, I love a gorgeous steak eaten with a lovely traditional Malbec but this fizzy tipple is very versatile as I have said. And surprises everyone who I have seen try it.

Taste Notes

McGuigan have really worked hard to make this a refreshing dry red wine that has fine and light persistent bubbles. To serve, my advice is chill but not over chilled like you would a Prosecco. The flavours that are prominent are plum, cherry and a hint of chocolate. I also definitely get hints of raspberry, blackberry and blackcurrant. There is also a little hint of oak. Combine that with the cool fizz and you soon see why Australians drink this a lot with many a meal type from duck to cakes!

Many experts say, and I would agree also, that this wine is great as an aperitif or drank with white meat dishes. I did tell you I think it is very versatile.

Where To Buy

Currently I have only ever seen this particular wine on shelves at Sainsbury’s, however I have seen it online for purchase at many of the usual outlets. The current price at the time of writing is £7.50 for a 750 ml bottle.

black label McGuigan bottle


If you are having a BBQ, a house party or a relaxing sunshine sit in the garden reading a book, then this shiraz is a wonderful way to get everything flowing. A conversation starter too perhaps. I will definitely be on the look out for other new sparkling reds to try and add to these review pages. I have discovered a taste for something I never thought I would.


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  1. Have a bottle in for Christmas Day but it’s hard to get hold of in Dublin. Will have a glass outside while I am smoking the turkey!

    1. Paul Steele says:

      ooooh hope you can get hold of some 🙂 enjoy the Turkey

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