Organic Prosecco Extra Dry - A Delightful Aldi Fizz

For some summer fizz, drinking in the sunshine I have recently been a little hooked on this Aldi Organic Prosecco Extra Dry. It has been winning awards as well as having a great low price. Plus! They say it is hangover free, more on that later. What was not to lose in trying it out and I must admit I went from tasting one bottle to it becoming a sturdy regular favourite.

The vineyard for this Prosecco is situated a in a hillside a few miles outside Venice. Free from pesticides and herbicides as well as all the grapes being hand picked. A lot of the processes in making uses renewable sources and thought has gone into the glass and labels. A great choice for all those looking for organic. What I find remarkable here is that organic does not make expensive in this case. You can pick it up in the Aldi store for just £7.99

organic prosecco bottle and glass

People have been quoted as saying it is actually more like a champagne than your average Prosecco and when you take your first sip you can get what they mean. The frothy fizz is quite strong and the bubbles maintain quite a bit too. Great if you are sipping in between rustling up a summer salad etc.

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Taste and smell

Upon popping open I get a lot of zesty, citrus and floral. Not bland at all! Pear, apple, lime, lemon and apricot come to the fore for me. Really gets you pouring to grab a taste. These hot days help too don’t they?

When tasting you get that great fizz as well as initial fruits like pear, apple and apricot and the disclosed honeysuckle is there when savoring. I find it to be one of the best drinks when I am in thirsty mode to be honest although that can be a dangerous thing of course.

Hangover Free?

OK, when this was first put on the market it was called the prosecco that doesn’t give you hangover. The reason for this claim is that a lot of the hangover from wine etc is caused by sulphites and preservatives that are within the drink. They way organic wine etc is produced is by using less sulphites.

What this ‘could’ mean is that you ‘may’ have less of a chance of a big hangover. I should try more in the name of science shouldn’t I?

bottle label


So to wrap up. Do I like this drink? Yes I do a lot and do keep grabbing a bottle or two when in the store. It is a go to Prosecco for many occasions. Sitting in the garden in the sun, an aperitif, with a light meal like antipasti or as part of a group celebration.

What I will say is that at this price range you cannot go wrong. It tastes as good to me as many sparkling wines that cost at least double this price. Go ahead, cheers!

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