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A family dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and good company. Boozy Bones in the Hockley area of Nottingham was our chosen restaurant for celebrating a family birthday, and it certainly was a good choice. It was our first visit to Boozy Bones bar and grill and booked a table for 6. The seating arrangements are spacious, comfortable and well spaced which is something I appreciate in a restaurant.  We settled in and ordered from the menu which in itself is a tricky business, the choice is so mouth watering.

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I found Boozy Bones quite welcoming with it’s retro vintage style and well thought out seating plan, meaning that I didn’t feel squeezed in or overlooked and that’s important to me to help feel more at ease. The bar serves craft ales, an array or cocktails and soft drinks too which I opted for, ginger ale over ice, so refreshing! Some of the furnishings are re-purposed / reclaimed and I found much more interesting than the norm, a good mix of old and new, quirky and arty, at the same time adding a relaxed feel.  

Getting down to business, the food ordering. The menu mostly has an American diner feel to it with dirty nacho fries and some amazing mega sized burger options, pulled pork, Texas Beef Steak, baby back ribs, meat feasts, extra cheese options, BBQ chicken and spicy wings, mac n cheese and it goes on. My order was the Mexican beans chilli served with rice, skin on fries and nachos, I don’t very often find such a good vegetarian chilli but this was just the top notch of bean chilli to my taste buds.  We had extra portions of onion rings, sweet potato fries and filthy loaded fries to share around our table too, full on over indulgence!  

As if that wasn’t quite enough indulgence, yes dessert…American style waffles drizzled with syrup and served with a couple of good scoops of chocolate ice cream, truly scrumptious! I do believe they are serving Peanut Butter Toffee Cheesecake on their new Christmas menu, oh my goodness my taste buds cry out, all my favourite into one dessert!

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A good evening out with lovely company, delicious food, in relaxed, engaging surroundings in Goosegate, Hockley Nottingham. Boozy Bones Bar and Grill is one of the newer additions to the cosmopolitan Hockley area, a pedestrianized part of town with good transport links and close to some major entertainment venues such as the Motorpoint Arena. Boozy Bones is certainly a welcoming place to return to in my humble opinion. 😊 

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  1. Avatar of cathy wilson cathy wilson says:

    I’m always leaving this short reminder on any review I come across! Spontaneous by all means, but not if you are Disabled, it’s like army planning, is the venue accessible? Steps? Wheelchair friendly? Accessible Toilets/Entrance? Wish ALL Bloggers/Reviewers could bear this in mind please…the review was great♿️

    1. Avatar of Janine moore Janine moore says:

      Hi Cathy, thanks so much for your feedback. Yes Boozy Bones has good access and a disabled toilet on the ground floor. I can understand your concerns as I’m a carer for my disabled mother in law and the planning can be tricky when taking her out. Take care, Jan.

    2. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

      Very good point Cathy. Something we shall look at on all place reviews going forward. And looking on previous posts 🙂

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