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I was really looking forward to visiting to Ålesund, Norway, on one of my trips to Norway. I was captivated by the city’s breathtaking beauty and unique charm I had seen in photos. Nestled amidst stunning fjords and surrounded by majestic mountains, Ålesund is a true paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Known for its remarkable Art Nouveau architecture, the city boasts a distinctive aesthetic that sets it apart from other destinations in Norway.

One of the standout features of Ålesund is its rich maritime history. As a major fishing port, the city offers visitors a chance to delve into its seafaring heritage through museums and interactive exhibits. The picturesque waterfront promenade, known as Brosundet, is lined with vibrant fishing boats and cozy cafes, creating a vibrant atmosphere that is quintessentially Norwegian.

Ålesund is also a gateway to some of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in Norway. The nearby Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must-visit attraction for its dramatic landscapes and cascading waterfalls. From Ålesund, you can embark on a scenic cruise or hike to explore the fjord’s grandeur up close.

sunset at Alesund

For those seeking panoramic views of the city and its surroundings, the hike up Mount Aksla is a must. The reward at the summit is a mesmerizing vista of Ålesund’s archipelago, where the islands and mountains create an enchanting panorama.

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In addition to its natural beauty, Ålesund offers a vibrant cultural scene. The Art Nouveau Center provides a fascinating glimpse into the city’s architectural history, while the Jugendstilsenteret museum showcases the Art Nouveau style in its full glory. From art galleries to local craft markets, Ålesund offers a plethora of cultural experiences that celebrate its creative spirit.

Alesund’s History and Culture

Alesund has a rich history and vibrant culture that reflects its unique identity. Here is a brief overview:

Brief history of Alesund

Alesund, a picturesque town located on the Norwegian west coast, has a fascinating history. In 1904, a devastating fire destroyed much of the town, leading to a remarkable rebuilding effort. The reconstruction was influenced by the architectural style of the time, known as Art Nouveau or Jugendstil, resulting in the distinctive and aesthetically pleasing buildings that still define Alesund’s cityscape today. This rebuilding period marked a turning point for the town and played a crucial role in shaping its identity.

Significance of Alesund

Alesund’s significance lies in its architectural heritage and its connection to the sea. The town’s unique Art Nouveau architecture attracts visitors from around the world, making it a popular tourist destination. Alesund is also known for its thriving fishing industry, which has been crucial to the local economy for centuries. The town serves as a gateway to the stunning fjords and coastal landscapes of Norway, making it an important hub for tourism and outdoor activities.

Alesund architecture from the sea

Local culture, traditions, and festivals

Alesund’s culture is deeply rooted in its coastal heritage and natural surroundings. The local population holds a strong connection to the sea and maritime traditions. Fishing remains an integral part of the culture, and visitors can experience it firsthand by participating in fishing tours or visiting the local fish market. This was on my agenda for the day. That is for sure.

The town also celebrates various cultural festivals throughout the year. One of the notable events is the Ålesund International Festival of Literature and Freedom, held annually, which brings together renowned authors and intellectuals to discuss literature and freedom of expression. Additionally, the Jugendfest, a youth-focused music and arts festival, showcases local talent and contributes to the vibrant cultural scene of Alesund.

fishing boat Alesund

A Fishing Boat Trip

One of the things I just had to try when here was a fishing trip. Out to sea and not only capture some of the essence of fishing here but to get more sight of this gorgeous Norwegian coastline blanketed in snow.

To go out and see first hand the cod fishing. We went aboard a fishing vessel and went to sea. After just 15 minutes the nets from yesterday were hauled in and it is hard to say how big these cod were without sounding as if I was exaggerating but I wouldn’t be… they were huge!

huge Cod

If you want to go on a fishing boat trip or boat tour in Alesund then here is some more inspiration.

  • Alesund provides various fishing trips catering to different preferences and skill levels.
  • Popular fishing spots include Hjørundfjord, Geirangerfjord, and the open sea areas around Alesund.
  • Anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish species, including cod, haddock, pollock, mackerel, and halibut.
  • Boat tours are a great way to explore the breathtaking scenery of Alesund and its surroundings.
  • Many tours offer sightseeing, wildlife spotting, and even fishing experiences.
  • Visitors can enjoy cruising through picturesque fjords, spotting seals, porpoises, and seabirds.

Ok, now back on land. And more of this lovely place.

Top Attractions in Alesund

The City Centre

Visiting Ålesund City Centre offers an opportunity to explore its distinctive Art Nouveau architecture. One must-visit destination is the Jugendstilsenteret, a museum dedicated to showcasing the beauty and history of Art Nouveau. In addition to the museum, the city centre is also a fantastic place for shopping and dining, with a wide range of shops and restaurants to choose from.

mountains near Alesund

Alesund Aquarium

Visit Alesund Aquarium to experience the diverse marine life of the Norwegian coast. This aquarium showcases a wide range of marine species, providing an immersive experience for visitors. With interactive exhibits and captivating shows, it’s an ideal destination for marine enthusiasts of all ages.

The aquarium offers various interactive exhibits that allow visitors to learn about and engage with marine life. From touch pools where you can gently interact with sea creatures to educational displays explaining the ecosystems of the Norwegian coast, there is something for everyone. These exhibits not only entertain but also educate visitors about the importance of marine conservation.

In addition to the exhibits, Alesund Aquarium hosts exciting shows that highlight the incredible abilities of marine animals. The popular penguin feeding sessions provide an up-close encounter with these adorable creatures. Visitors can witness the feeding rituals of penguins and learn interesting facts about their behavior.

Another highlight of the aquarium is the seal feeding sessions. You can observe the agility and playfulness of seals as they interact with their trainers during feeding time. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to witness the natural behaviors of seals and gain insights into their lives.

Norwegian coastline near Alesund

Aksla Viewpoint

If you look at the top of this article you will see the classic view of Alesund. I wasn’t going to be here and not get up to the viewpoint and take it all in.

Aksla Viewpoint offers these breathtaking panoramic views of Alesund and its surrounding islands. To reach the viewpoint, follow these directions:

  • Start at the city center and head towards Kongens Gate.
  • At the end of Kongens Gate, you’ll find the steps leading up to Aksla Viewpoint.
  • Alternatively, you can take the City Train or hike up the Fjellstua trail to reach the viewpoint.

For capturing stunning photographs, the best time to visit Aksla Viewpoint is during golden hour, which is usually early morning or late afternoon. The soft warm light during these times enhances the beauty of the landscape and creates a magical atmosphere. Don’t forget to bring your camera and tripod for capturing the perfect shot.

Atlantic Sea-Park

Atlantic Sea-Park Alesund is home to Europe’s largest saltwater aquarium. This remarkable attraction showcases a diverse range of marine species and offers interactive experiences for visitors. Get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of underwater life.

The park boasts an impressive collection of marine life, representing the rich biodiversity of the Atlantic Ocean. From colorful tropical fish to majestic sharks, you’ll encounter a wide array of species during your visit. Fascinating creatures like sea turtles, seahorses, and rays are just a few examples of the marine life that call this place home.

What sets Atlantic Sea-Park Alesund apart is its commitment to providing interactive experiences for visitors. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the marine environment through activities like feeding sessions, underwater safaris, and even swimming with certain species under professional guidance. These hands-on experiences offer a unique chance to connect with marine life up close and personal.

sunset Alesund

Sunnmore Museum

Sunnmøre Museum in Ålesund, Norway is an open-air museum that highlights traditional Norwegian culture. The museum features various reconstructed buildings and exhibits, providing visitors with a glimpse into the region’s rich historical heritage.

Within the open-air museum, you can explore a collection of traditional buildings that have been meticulously reconstructed to resemble their original form. These buildings include farmhouses, boathouses, and workshops, among others. Each structure offers a unique insight into the architectural styles and construction techniques prevalent in the area during different time periods.

Additionally, the museum exhibits a range of artifacts and displays that showcase the daily life and customs of past generations. Visitors can view historic tools, utensils, clothing, and furniture, providing a deeper understanding of the region’s cultural traditions. The exhibits often portray how people lived and worked in Sunnmøre, offering a fascinating glimpse into the past.

trees coastline Norway

Outdoor Adventures in Alesund

Ålesund is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of thrilling activities. One of the most popular adventures is hiking in the Sunnmøre Alps, which boasts breathtaking landscapes of majestic mountains and stunning fjords.

The Sunnmøre Alps feature an extensive network of hiking trails suitable for all levels of expertise. Here’s an overview of some notable trails and their difficulty levels:

  1. Rundebrua Trail: This easy trail is perfect for beginners and families. It takes you across the iconic Runde Bridge, offering panoramic views of the surrounding islands and the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

  2. Sukkertoppen: This intermediate-level hike is known for its stunning 360-degree views. The trail takes you to the summit of Sukkertoppen, providing sweeping vistas of Ålesund, the fjords, and the Sunnmøre Alps.

  3. Slogen: Considered one of the most challenging hikes in the area, Slogen is a rewarding experience for experienced hikers. The trail takes you to the summit of Slogen Mountain, offering unparalleled views of the fjords and surrounding peaks.

  4. Skåla: For those seeking an advanced-level hike, Skåla is a must-do. This demanding trail takes you to the highest peak in the region, rewarding you with awe-inspiring views of the Sunnmøre Alps, fjords, and glaciers.

The Sunnmøre Alps has it all. The towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, and crystal-clear fjords create a picturesque backdrop for your hiking adventure.


Alesund is a charming coastal city in Norway that offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors. From its stunning Art Nouveau architecture to its picturesque scenery, Alesund has something for everyone.

One of the main attractions in Alesund is the Art Nouveau Center, where visitors can learn about the city’s architectural history and admire the intricate details of the buildings. The Alesund Aquarium is another popular spot, providing an opportunity to discover marine life and enjoy interactive exhibits.

For nature lovers, a visit to the Sunnmøre Alps is a must. This mountain range offers breathtaking views, hiking trails, and opportunities for skiing and snowboarding in the winter months. For a more relaxed experience, exploring the nearby islands and fjords by boat is highly recommended.

Additionally, Alesund is known for its vibrant cultural scene. The Jugendstilsenteret Museum showcases local art and design, while the Aalesunds Museum provides insights into the city’s rich maritime history. Visitors can also indulge in delicious seafood and local cuisine at the numerous restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the city.

In conclusion, a visit to Alesund promises a unique blend of natural beauty, architectural marvels, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor adventures, or simply enjoying the scenic surroundings, Alesund has something to offer every traveller.

What was next on the agenda? Dog Sledding in Tromso.

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