Newfoundland Reflections 1

That first image was taken in Hillgrade, Newfoundland, Canada. I have frequently visited this area and I have photographed this church several times. But, that day, it was just sheer perfection.

Photography is the art of capturing light. You use your shutter speed and f-stop to manipulate the camera’s ability to capture the pixels of an image.

When the conditions are ideal, you can capture reflections. Most of the times, these special moments occur when the water surface is smooth enough to act as a mirror. But it’s not necessary to get the perfect image. Sometimes the flaws add to the interest level.

Newfoundland Reflections

A sunset over water is always a safe bet. This one was captured by me over the Exploits River. There is a parking lot in this area that is always full of cars as the inhabitants watch in delight as the sun dips below the horizon and Mother Nature sends out its kisses goodnight.

Newfoundland Reflections

Strange images can appear to make things look like more than they are. I was driving down a road in Botwood, Newfoundland, when this caught my eye. I proceeded to make my way down to the harbour’s edge. This was in fact an anchor point that was used to hold the huge container ship as it docked and awaited a load of paper before it sailed back to Europe. The illusion created was just mind boggling. I had to take a few pictures. The small rock protrusions look like floating objects. Just one example of how reflection makes things interesting.

Just a few feet away from the previous image was this one:

Newfoundland Reflections

The water deflects rays of light and the leg extensions take on opposite directions. The rusty structures will soon have their fate sealed by the cold, salty Atlantic Ocean currents. Can you find the pigeons? They have taken refuge amongst the rusty ruins.

Newfoundland Reflections

A wharf in the Atlantic Ocean is always becomes an interesting subject. Its long lines and interesting details are mimicked in unison. The colorful edges help accentuate the dull greys of the weather beaten boards.

Newfoundland Reflections

A moon rising in the dusky hours of the day can give you more than you have hoped. I was out for an evening walk along the Exploits River. The blue hues are starkly reflected while the bright moon anchors the viewer’s eye.

Newfoundland Reflections

Even in the middle of a brook, you can even find duplication. For those of you who follow my entries, this is Leech Brook’s Landing swimming pool in the fall of the year. Don’t you agree that it is much more inviting without the ice and snow?

Sometimes, you can anchor your image with a silhouette.

Newfoundland Reflections

This was taken in Hillgrade, Newfoundland. It was a beautiful evening with very little wind. The vibrant hues of the light as it bounced of the Atlantic Ocean became anchored with the outline of a local fisherman’s boat.

The next time you are around water on a calm day, seek some reflection shots. It doubles the image!

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  1. Avatar of Mary Hiscock Mary Hiscock says:

    The Leeches winter pictures are just spectatular and brought back many pleasant memories to me.I would love to see these same pictures taken in the summer months.You have a wonderful talent Tina.Keep up the great work.

    1. Avatar of Tina Dean Tina Dean says:

      Thank you! So glad you enjoyed that article.

  2. Avatar of Brenda Webb Brenda Webb says:

    Thanks for all the tips, very interesting read to an amateur. Have a wonderful year. xo

  3. Avatar of Glamorous Glutton Glamorous Glutton says:

    The photos are really beautiful, a truly magical place. GG

  4. Avatar of Camron Maurice Camron Maurice says:

    This is first time i have seen so many Canadian pictures together without snow, a beautiful place to visit !!

  5. Even on my small phone your reflections on reflections are wundebar. Your posts are easy to follow and always open quickly.. Keep up the awesome work. I enjoyed the little lesson as well.

    1. Avatar of Tina Dean Tina Dean says:

      Thank you, Tricia.

    2. Avatar of Tina Dean Tina Dean says:

      Thank you Norma. Glad you enjoyed the tips.

  6. Stunning! Such a beautiful province.

    1. Avatar of Tina Dean Tina Dean says:

      Thank you, Norma. Glad you enjoy the tips.

    2. Avatar of Tina Dean Tina Dean says:

      Thanks Tricia. There is never a shortage of things to photograph.

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