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I a previous blog post I featured some minimalist photographs I’d snapped whilst in Edinburgh.

Glasgow Minimal-8- glasgow

Obviously I don’t wish to fuel any inter-Scottish city jealous – so I on a recent visit to Glasgow I thought I’d continue my current obsession with minimalist photography!

Glasgow Minimal-9- glasgow

Minimal Glasgow 2

Glasgow Minimal-1- glasgow

Although I’m no expert in this photographic field I’m rapidly discovering the trick is to find some good architecture!  Really the photos are just homage to the buildings or the art that is subject of the photograph (in my view anyway).

In this case the two buildings concerned are The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture and the Gallery of Modern Art.

Glasgow Minimal-2- glasgow

The older areas in The Lighthouse were originally a warehouse at the back of the printing office of the Glasgow Herald.  The Herald Building was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh when he was a junior draftsman at Honeyman & Keppie.  However, the building has had a beautiful modern extension added and most of the photographs shown here are from this area of the building.  The spiral staircase shot is from the stairs inserted into the original tower that housed the water tank.  From the top there are great views across the city.

Glasgow Minimal-5- glasgow

Glasgow Minimal-6- glasgow

The pictures of the men and women that look like the signs on toilet doors are some of the art works etched on the glass in the stairwells.  They are called “The Footballer”; “Confused” and “The Dreamer” – you’ll be able to work out which is which!  I’m sorry I missed the name of the artist  – if you know let us know in the comments box so they get a credit.

Glasgow Minimal-7- glasgow

The ‘moving pictures’ (where people have blurred due to the long shutter speeds) were taken in the Gallery of Modern Arts.  Here I should credit the aboriginal artist – as my photo only adds a blurry image of visitors passing his great work – the painting is The Night Sky Dreaming by Paddy Japaljarri Sims (and 17 other artists) painted in 1992.

Glasgow Minimal-10- glasgow

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