Magnificent Coron 1

Philippines have been dubbed as pearl of the orient, composed of more than 7000 islands and I’m blessed that I live here, few Months back I went to one of the prime tourist destination for its magnificent body of water and landscapes .


Coron is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines, comprising the eastern half of Busuanga Island, all of Coron Island and about 50 other minor islets. I was really excited to go around this humble island, The town is laid back and everything is basic so I didn’t expect shopping malls and noisy night pubs just that way I like.

Tourism is one of the main source of economy in this Province heaps of hotels, lodges, backpackers place, resorts from low to high end amenities to fit different tourist style. If you love to dive there’s WWII shipwrecks all over that you can explore different resorts and dive shops offers different rates, if you are a beach bummer there’s white sand beaches from one island to another, towering cliffs hiding clear breath taking lakes is one of the top spots.

I went to the market to get the stuff I needed for my island exploring variety of fish, veggies and fruits now I didn’t have to worry about who will cook ? The boatman that I chartered did all the cooking all the boatmen here does that cooking for tourist or guest it’s kind of automatic, this way guest or tourist can enjoy the time exploring.






Kayangan lake


Coron Palawan is the ancestral domain on the ethnic group called “ Tagbanua” they are the one who protects all the tour spots, Tagbanua tribe lives in stilt houses and believe that Mother nature and it’s spirits lives amongst us, and Kayangan Lake is one of the cleanest lake in the Philippines and being protected by the tribe.


After Kayangan Lake I opt to check ‘ Twin lagoon, Atwayan beach and coral garden” all these places were just a day trip that’s 4 places with food and I spent roughly 55 $.

Twin lagoon

Getting there was amazing, the rock formations leading up to twin lagoon was exquisite, there were all these canoes parked this lagoon accessible by boat while the main attraction was the second lagoon, which was accessible through a little hole or cavern on the cliff wall that slightly shows above sea level, this hole is sometimes submerge completely under water during high tide.


The last images were taken at “ Atwayan beach” where I had my lunch! Then Coral garden where I spent the last hours of my watery day tour in Coron Palawan.







The last day I was in Coron, I spent it at Mt. Tapyas, had to hike 718 steps just to get to the summit which offers 360 view of Coron town. It was breath taking and my images didn’t do justice on how beautiful the sunset was. Next time you will be in Asia? Make sure you take time to go Coron Palawan, what I had was just a tip of the ice berg, for it offers amazing nature, friendly people and lovely culture.



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