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I love animals and we all know by now I love seeing great amateur photographers. Put the two together and I get filled with visual delights. One person whom I have seen modestly put pictures through Flickr is @richcovephoto. The way he naturally captures animals and nature is stunning to me. From birds of prey to architecture he truly captures the moment and mood without hesitation to think. I am delighted he has allowed me to show some of his photos and thoughts here. Here you go, I will let him explain.

From the desk of Rich Cove

I’m a husband a dad and hit 40 last year, not suffering from any midlife crisis that I’m aware of. I live on the South Coast of the UK, a very beautiful part of the country. I have taken photos for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a kid I had a camera with me. My passion is to catch the moment, not always perfect, but to catch something that happens in a blink of an eye with the click of my Camera. I mainly take pictures of wildlife. This gives me the opportunity to catch the action moment I’m after rather than a portrait or still life. I have been using a lot of black and white over the past year or so. I think black and white gives the birds of prey I photograph a real dramatic feel.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 1

It’s the stare that does it, his eye is so clear. This was taken in the summer and due the lack of birds of pray on the South coast this is a captive bird. In fact most of these birds in this spot are captive. Some people don’t like birds being in captivity. All I really care about is that they are well looked after and I can assure you these birds are.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 2

Again another dramatic black and white picture. For me this is catching the moment. He had just landed and opened his wings. I now have that moment forever amazing. I would have seen it with my naked eye but without my camera ready I would have missed a great picture.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 3

This was taken on the Norfolk Broad’s, I am lucky enough to go there every year with my camera in tow. The Norfolk boards are an amazing wild life haven.  If you haven’t been and you like to take pictures go. I would take around 1500 pictures in a week.

As you can see from the picture its raining. It was a dark day in the summer and I wanted to capture the rain hitting the water but that meant a fast shutter speed and even less light. I did take about 10 pictures on manual and changing the suffer speed between shots. Not a bad result I think.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 4

Staying on the Norfolk Broad’s. We have some very fluffy ducklings. It was a bit of a waiting game for this picture. I didn’t want the mother duck in the shot and she was all over them keeping them together.  I fired a few shots off and what you see is the result. The mother duck is just out of shot to the left as you look at the picture. Distracted with a lump of bread.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 5

Time for something a little different from my usual pictures. This was taken at Salisbury Cathedral. I had a friend visiting from Scotland who is also into photography and he wanted to go somewhere to take pictures and we ended up at the Cathedral.  I thought that the billers would make a great picture. The way the picture is edited draws your eyes to the middle of the picture no matter which part of the picture you look at.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 6

Back to the birds. Still in black and white tough. For me this picture holds a lot of atmosphere and even a bit spooky. Believe it or not this was taken on a bright summer’s day. I thought that the light from the top left of the picture would over power the owl but as you can see from the picture it didn’t, it helped.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 7

Staying in the bird world and a slight tinge of blue in this picture we have a seagull. This was taken at my local lake. This seagull maybe thinking what’s happened to the water. It had been a few years since this lake had frozen over and much of the wild like that use it on a day to day basis where a little confused.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 8

He is just coming into land. Look at his feet they are the killing tools of a bird of prey. It’s not the beak you have to worry about it’s the feet. It’s one of those moments again. You can see the feathers at the end of the wings as he takes all the speed out of his flight ready to land.

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 9

The United States National Emblem and a stunning bird. I have taken thousands of pictures of wild life and if there was one animal I never get bored of taking pictures of it’s the Bald Eagle. He is saying  look at me, I’m the Daddy!

Live And Love A Passion For Photography 10

Talking of Daddy’s I am one. This is a picture of my little boy. “In black and white again” I hear you say. Hang on there is some blue in there. He does have blue eyes in real life too. This picture takes me away from wildlife and into portrait photography. I think he gets a bit fed up with me taking his picture sometimes but he is learning to pose a bit now. Not bad for a 21 month old.

I hoped you enjoyed my pictures and it has been a real privileged to be asked to do this by Paul. I will continue to take my camera with me whenever I’m out and about, ready to catch and preserve the moment.

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  1. Avatar of Barry Watson Barry Watson says:

    We had several Raptors seeing the bird with jessies on brought back many good times
    Do enjoy your work.

  2. Your work is truly outstanding,,,from capturing a moment to capturing a detail to capturing a mood. Your work excites me as a fellow photographer and appreciator of nature. I will always look forward to seeing your images. Great work. Nicely done.

  3. Avatar of Stephanie - The Travel Chica Stephanie - The Travel Chica says:

    Gorgeous photos! Great to see you highlighting some of the photographers you enjoy.

  4. wow! stunning photo's I love B & W probably more than colour, I think it adds depth and simplicity to photo's really enjoyed these.. I think I live just down the road from where the birds of prey are and this post has reminded me I need to go back, its a place I really enjoy 🙂

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