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Hiking. My hobby, my passion, as well as my job to a large extent. Add in all the dog walks you can imagine I spend most of my life in hiking gear so I do need gear that firstly, does the job, secondly, will last over testing conditions and of course looks good.

That is where I was pleased to be asked by Simply Hike to test out a few items of their range and boy have I been testing it. I had heard many many great reviews re Simply Hike. From the range of top brands to the price of it being much lower than other outlets. You can find online many great reviews of their customer service too, something I always like to see as do many of us.

Kitted for Summer with Simply Hike 2

Jacket! You cannot hike in the British countryside without thinking of potential rain. And I have found a ‘go-to’ lightweight jacket in the form of the Montane Minimus Stretch Jacket. It is so so light and perfectly thin! Enough pockets for all my needs and very adjustable both in the hood and around the waist. I have been out in many a downpour in this and have had no issue whatsoever! It rolls down extremely small for the backpack to and together with the lightness there is never an excuse to leave it out of the bag.

Kitted for Summer with Simply Hike 3

As for walks from home and beyond, when not on mountain tops I find it is not all about traditional fleeces for middle layers or casual top for extra warmth. Casual hoodies do not mean baggy gym types. I am not often seen these days without the Jack Wolfskin Tongari Nanuk Hooded Jacket. Don’t let the great casual look of it fool you. This is full of outdoor needs tech too. A hooded fleece with a look for hikes or streetwear, quick drying and breathable and has antibacterial properties for keeping a fresh feel.

Kitted for Summer with Simply Hike 4

You will see in all these photos I am wearing a set of zinc hiking trousers. I love these scrambler pants by Mountain Hardwear. I can also tell I am going through somewhat of a blue phase don’t you think? 🙂

These trousers are extremely durable and yet so light for everyday use. They are great for ease of movement with the articulated knees and elasticated waist. What is good for me is the special pocket for mobile phone leaving other pockets for dog treats, keys etc. Not out of place either away from hikes.

Kitted for Summer with Simply Hike 5

And of course there is always time for some sunshine, and shorts. I do find often that when hiking in shorts they either become weighed down when pockets full or there are not enough pockets at all. These problems evaporate with these baggy shorts by Berghaus. Extremely durable I find and UV protective. Pockets galore in good places and I have found very fast drying. A perfect mix of durable yet with a more casual look. Good for me 🙂

Kitted for Summer with Simply Hike 6

All in all I have found Simply Hike’s website to have all the good brands, kit that does the job, and also cheaper than the high street by quite a margin in most cases. Win win! Ok time to hike some more…… where next?

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