How to make a Chocolate Drip Cake 1

Drip cakes are all the rage these days- they are really easy and great fun to make
Perfect for a friend or relatives birthday and you can put any topping that you like on them
Here’s how :

You will need :


1 x 6″ round tin – greased and lined
I x hollow dowel or wooden skewers

Ingredients :

Ingredients for one 6″ round Madeira cake- you will need 2 of these

6 oz Self Raising Flour
2 oz Plain Flour
6 oz Caster Sugar
6 oz Margarine
3 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Strawberry or Raspberry Conserve

Repeat this for your second cake

For the Icing :

500g Icing Sugar
250g Butter
Vanilla Essence
Food colour paste ( not liquid)

For the topping :

250g chocolate drops

I have used Macaroons but you can use any kind of sweets/chocolate and lollipops


Mix your Marg and Sugar together until it is creamy – add a bit of egg wth a bit of flour and blend in and repeat until all the egg and flour is beaten in
Add your vanilla essence

Place the mixture in your tin and cook at 160 degrees for approx 1 hour and 15 minutes or until your skewer comes out clean

Repeat this so that you have two madeira cakes cooked and cooling

To make your buttercream- mix together your icing sugar and butter until creamy and add your vanilla essence – colour the icing with your chosen colour paste- I have used baby pink

When the two cakes have cooled- level off the tops, halve the cakes and spread inside the conserve and some buttercream- then sandwich the two cakes together with another layer of buttercream

I have placed a hollow dowel in the middle of my stacked cakes to make sure that they do not move about when stacked.You can use some wooden skewers for this instead if you prefer- just remember to warn the recipient that the cake has these inside before they eat it.

chocolate drip cake

Cover the cakes in a thick layer of buttercream and spread over the cakes and on the top until it is even. You can dip you knife or palette knife in some hot water to make the buttercream look smoother if you prefer.
chocolate drip cake-2

Place your whole cake in the fridge for about 20 minutes

While your cake is in the fridge you can make your melted chocolate dripping

Melt your chocolate in a bowl over a simmering pan of water until it is completely melted and set aside to cool

Take your cake out of the fridge

Put a piping bag in a pint glass and pull the sides of the bag over the top of the pint glass and pour in your melted chocolate which should still be runny.

chocolate drip cake-3

Gather up your icing bag and remove from the glass- carefully snip off the end of the piping bag but be careful as the chocolate will come pouring out so hold the end together until you are ready to pipe onto the cake

To create the drips pour the chocolate over the sides of the cake all the way around the top- the drips will start to set on the sides as the cake is cold from the fridge- go all the way around the cake and use the rest of the chocolate to cover the top of the cake

You can now decorate the top of the cake- I have piped buttercream flowers on to the top and put macaroons around the top and a few at the bottom of the cake but you can use bars of chocolate or loose chocolate and sweets to decorate your cake

Your cake is now ready to eat.

chocolate drip cake-4
Your cake is now ready to eat.

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