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A challenge that involves so many of the things I love, mountains, scrambles, views, adventure, adrenaline and of course the Lake District! A race, an extreme challenge that will not only push you but is unique in so many ways. For a start, compared to many other extreme races, all the obstacles here are natural and in the environment. I was lucky enough to have a run through an exciting new extreme race challenge by Go Wild.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 2

Little did I know that morning, that by the end of a few hours hard work I would have done so much! Speed through the mountain trails, scrambling a cliff face, abseiling into a quarry, running through water filled tunnels, climbing up and over the tops (via rivers and gullies) plus canyoning back down, jumping metres down into rivers and sliding down waterfalls…. phew!

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 3

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 4

This is a race that will test you, give you a real challenge in a perfect environment. Perfect for self goals, self achievements, team work challenges or to test yourself if you already have a big discipline. A mix of all kinds, and will be loved by fell runners, triathletes, Ironman participants who want to take on new and fun disciplines, but it will also appeal to fit people who want an obstacle course with a difference.

Participants will be fully briefed. You can imagine there is a lot of health and safety to think about and no stone is left unturned here so you can enjoy and keep moving, taking on the obstacles and enjoying them without worrying. Participants or teams will be staggered setting off too to avoid any problem of bottlenecks. Ready to go… Go!

It all takes place in the beautiful fells around Coniston. What better place to start? Leaving the YWA Coniston the first couple of miles or so are level and easy footpath, a great warm up, then suddenly you see the first obstacle ahead… A scramble up the spine of Raven Scar.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 5

Time to get the heart and lungs going proper now. Up, up and up! Marshalls are everywhere, not only to guide the way but also to make sure all is safe. Some parts of this scramble are best with helmets and rope assistance. All is catered for to ensure not only that you keep going without stopping, but also as safe as possible. There will be ropes galore where needed also to avoid any bottlenecks. The natural obstacles begin.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 6

At the top I took the time to look back over to Coniston Water and the start of the race. Sat upon what a few of us affectionately now call Dan’s Rock (long story). On the day you may have a glance and keep on jogging 🙂

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 7

Over the tops next amongst the heather filled tracks, marshalls showing the way over and down. A couple more miles over terrain and suddenly the next obstacle lay ahead. A 100 ft abseil down into a disused quarry. No time to worry about it too much, harness on, checked, attach to rope and lean back and go. Again there is going to be no need for anyone to worry about safety and bottlenecks. Plenty of experts and ropes to cater for all participants running to it. I loved this as you can see from the pics.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 8

From the bottom it is straight into the next obstacle. A man made tunnel that goes for a couple hundred metres. Dark, Just high enough to stand and walk in but with the added bonus of wading through freezing water that almost comes up to your waist. 🙂

It certainly ensures you keep moving and warming up on the go! Plus, don’t worry about it as in a mile or so more you will be back in the water. A natural river running down off the fells, yes, that is the path upwards.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 9

If you are lucky it may be drier from lack of rain like it was for us. I was thinking at this point how every single ounce of the natural surroundings, really had been used to create great race obstacles that could be fun yet a challenge to many. A quick breather on the bridge before carrying on.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 10

For next? Was up and up the fell trails and over the tops once more. I tell you what, every part of the body gets used on this, especially the heart and lungs!

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 11

The open moor on the tops here at this point is where racers and teams can either make up ground or regroup a little. Enjoy the scenery as you rush by. For, as you go down the other side, bigger water obstacles await.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 12

Before you know it you are canyoning, yep, using natures way to travel down the mountainside. Back into water and first you have a waterfall to slide down. Adrenaline back up to factor 100! My face above says it all.

No chance to stop though as this river then becomes a gorge with waterfalls falling straight down, guess what? Time to jump down them 😉

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 13

Or slide down them. Again, all should be well staggered by this point even more to avoid bottlenecks plus many experts to help and guide. Even I was pausing a little at this point. It was a blast though, truly.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 14

It culminated in a 15 metre jump straight down into the final stretch of river. Crikey! Yelps and screams all round amongst the team.

No time to look back as there is now the few hundred metre dash to the YWA Coniston below and the finish line. Phew indeed!

WHAT… A.. DAY! It was a few hours that were packed full of full on extreme yet natural obstacles. Some of the best miles done this year as far as making memories go too. Around 15 km done that contained lots of taking on mother nature’s extreme challenges.

Go Wild - Ultimate Outdoor Natural Challenge 15

The first race takes place on 3rd November 2018, and if you want to challenge yourself or take part as a team then you can book yourself on it here or enquire.

I assure you, it will be one of the most fun filled, adrenaline pumping days in the Lake District you will have had, plus you can say you did all the above, in one day! Go for it, Go Wild.

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