Fork & Spoon Sparkling Shiraz

It seems my latest taste for sparkling reds has taken another turn. From never having heard of them really to now having two recent reviews on here for them, because I have found that some of them I really enjoy. The same can be said here for Fork & Spoon Sparkling Shiraz.

In a previous review I was introduced to McGuigan Black Label Shiraz. The drink that opened my eyes to Sparkling Reds. Of course this kind of drink is rare amongst the drinks aisles, but I was then told to get myself to Aldi and try their own F & S range Sparkling Shiraz and here I am, after trying it… lots! And damn well enjoying it lots.

Of course, there are purists out there that say this is all crazy! A Shiraz should be smooth, it should be at room temperature. Myself I like what I like, and I refuse to like it one way just because higher etiquette says I must. Of course I love a Malbec with my steak, a cold Prosecco to quench that party thirst. But I am finding myself more and more chilling a bottle of Sparkling Shiraz ready for an evening’s quaffing.

One of the reasons Sparkling Red wine is rare or bombed in the past is that it is hard to get right! Not many wine producers go anywhere near it. It was wonderful then to see Aldi produce their own and with absolutely great reviews too. Great wine at great price, they have a knack for that don’t they?

BaldHiker Retreats

Ok more about this wine before I drink it all again and leave the writing. From Australia, it is not so dry, I would say somewhere between dry and medium and packs enough of a punch at 13.5%.

sparkling red wine

The bubbles upon pouring do not overpower it at all which is what some people do think with reds, yet the bubbles are consistent and persistent. You cannot escape the rich notes of fruits and wine fill the air as you pour and take the taste. The first notes I could sense were blackberry, plum and cherry. If you really get into tasting it you can certainly taste the hints of raspberry, damson fruit and even a hint of silky chocolate. The taste of Shiraz has not been steered away from either which is where others have failed.

It is bolder and darker than other Sparkling Reds I have tried but still the best way to chill is not over cold like sparkling whites but chilled maybe half way there. I personally think that if your first taste of fizzy red is at room temperature, and you didn’t enjoy, then that could be why you ‘think’ you hate it.

But all things to all people. I love to try anything at least once and I did with this and now often add a bottle to my shopping list. I wouldn’t say it is ‘just’ a summer drink either. It suits a social drink all year round. Or even a party starter over the festive season? I would say yes.

Aldi sparkling red wine

As I said, Fork & Spoon Sparkling Shiraz is available only at Aldi and current cost is just £6.99 a bottle.


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  1. Anyone selling this as Aldi tranent east lothian isn’t getting it anymore

    1. Paul Steele says:

      fork and spoon is Aldi brand but I did a review on another, Mcguigans, on these pages that is sold in sainsburys

  2. Nigel Rogers says:

    My eyes were opened tt sparkling reds whilst working in Australia, including fine sparkling Burgandy >. A great reminder of happy times.

    1. Paul Steele says:

      sparkling Burgandy? Ooooh Now I need to find one of those 🙂

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