Food and Drink On A Durham City Break

Food and drink I feel is an important part of any City Break! During a recent City break in Durham I took the opportunity to try a couple of the many independent eateries of the City. I went for variety and to my tastes and was not let down at all. I can honestly say from my time there that there is a choice for everyone to enjoy a wonderful meal with superb Durham settings.


My first tip will be Zen. And before you walk in the door you get a real sense of the modern, fresh design of the place. This is a restaurant built up locally within Durham, but truly inspired by Asia. The colours, the lights, the decor, a totally inspiring and refreshing atmosphere yet it does not overwhelm. Very well done!

Zen oriental decor durham

Of course I couldn’t go mad with photos sorry as there were people enjoying a lovely meal and don’t want me sticking a camera in their direction. Saying that I thought the ambience was superb. The Asian tree coming out from and over the centre of the restaurant is inspired and works greatly.

asian dish in Zen

As for the food, I went more traditional as you can see. I was in the mood for some spice. Being a Pan-Asian Restaurant I can honestly say the longest part of my stop here was in choosing what to order, the menu is vast with so much variety.

The staff here are fantastic and help well when needed or leave alone when needed, I like that. I went for traditional Bangkok and the Pad Kapao Gai. It was served very very quick and my word the taste and smells were delicious. Exactly what I needed.


For a completely different option on style of food, but absolutely tasty nonetheless, I again wasn’t let down one little bit by Tango K-G-B. the K-G-B standing for Kebab-Gourmet-Burgers. This was eating delicious burgers in style 🙂

tango in Durham

A great friendly ambience as soon as you walk in the door. And was bustling with people chatting, smiling and eating merrily. I got handed a menu and saw immediately this was no ordinary place for a burger, so so many choices and could have chosen many of them. Decisions! There were classics with beef and chicken but also many original style burgers with a whole plethora of meats including lamb. Chic kebabs on offer as well as huge sounding steaks. Nachos, calamari, bratwurst dogs… I could go on. I asked advice from the waiter and plumped for the Tango Burger, with jack cheese and bacon, and of course a side of real chips 🙂

burger and chips Tango
tango menu card

Again the staff were great and actually with a super sense of having a good time in their work. Always smiling, naturally, no matter how busy it was, and it was busy but not at the expense of spoiling the experience. Some places can do that well and here does indeed. Will be back on my next visit to Durham for definite!

outside seating
bar area

Durham Real Ale Trail

One thing about Durham I noticed was the wide variety of places to drink as well as styles. From the traditional to the modern, there is a place to drink to suit all tastes. Plenty by the riverside too to wind down after a days exploring with a great backdrop of the river, castle and cathedral.

One thing did stand out though, plenty of real ales on offer in most of them. So much so that for those in the real ale scene can enjoy a trail around the city, sampling different tastes and differing drinking spots. Sound good yes?

On the trail I found there are 21 pubs to try, alas I didn’t have time for all haha 😉 You can download the trail here.

Phew! All that talk of good food and good drink! Time to get back on a walk and to show some more wonderful gems of Durham. Watch this space.

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