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Over the last few years I had been carrying an injury. It had restricted my hiking for a while and also my fitness and the weight came back on! Well I decided to shift the injury properly and get back to my proper and fit days. 7 months later I have lost around 5 Stone (70 lb/31 Kg). A combination of very strict Keto diet (more of that to come in the health section), plenty of gym/walking, and motivation.

I have used smartwatches of many variety in the past. I have found many to be either ugly, bulky, impractical or juice burners, which isn’t good day to day for me as I have phone, cameras, laptop and more to worry about charging daily.

Then I decided to try the Fitbit Blaze! I haven’t looked back to be honest, it does everything I need plus looks good even out of fitness clothes and is both more practical and motivational.. even lots more than I had thought it would be.

fitbit blaze

Be it in the gym, on a hike, on a dog walk or a social event it is handy. The watch-face I use (of which there are many for tastes) allows me to glance quickly and get the usual time and date but also my current heart rate and steps done for the day so far. The latter can be quickly changed to calories burned, floors climbed or miles done just by tapping the screen.

Whilst I do not need extensions to all my apps on the phone (never used more than a gimmick I find on smartwatches), the Fitbit Blaze buzzes and shows me notifications to what I wish. For example and email or whatsapp message comes in whilst I am out and about, the watch buzzes just after the phone does, and a quick glance shows me what the phone notification screen would have. To me this is not a gimmick at all, I find myself knowing whether to urgently go to take my phone out of my pocket or leave until later. Even more practical if on the treadmill and have a busy notification setup on your phone. If you are running or listening to music through headphones connected to your phone, yes, you can control that through the Blaze too.

Incoming call worth answering? just glance at your watch and reject or accept before having to take your phone out. Need an alarm? Set one and the watch will vibrate to alert you or wake you up.

Battery life is a joy towards some other players in the smartwatch world. On a single charge I get 5 – 6 days out of it, not bad when it is continuously measuring your heart beat too I feel. One trick is the screen is not always on, but by lifting your arm in the motion to look at it as you would a watch the screen comes on for you to read and see. For those that have used the product and can`t see how you get at least 5 days charge then a tip is to turn continuous sync (to the app) off. You can always sync it when you go into the app at any time 🙂

That leads me to the meat of the app itself. Where do we start? This is fitness, goals and lifelogging all in one. You can track more than I need but everything you may need is covered. Track your steps, heartrate, calories burned, floors climbed, distance. Set daily goals for them all and go for them. This is where my motivation gets a boost. Those that know me know I love a goal! That gets me doing more. I can`t leave the day on 22,000 steps can I? Come on Bea let`sget out and round it up to 25,000.

fitbit blaze-3

The tracker also does a great job of knowing when you are sleeping and tracking it. How restless you are and if you awaken. With inputting you can track your water and food/calorie intake so the app really is a control hub for your fitness, health and diet tracking.

fitbit blaze-4

Now then it is also my ‘watch’ and Fitbit have thought of this too. The Blaze is the tracker in the range for those that like a nice looking watch for all occasions. It comes with the silicon strap but you can adapt with a huge array for purchase. leather, metal, designer and more, your tracker can fit all occasions, motivating you and notifying you.

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