English Hills – Look Out, Look Down and Wander Around 1

Hills, lovely hills. It’s a sunny afternoon, you are not into the mountain trekking thing but you could do with a nice walk out in the fresh air. Somewhere with a great view and something you can take all standards to without pain. As I always say, mountains are not the be all and end all. I have many an afternoon spent strolling leisurely with the hounds up a gentle or low hill enjoying what I see. What is great? England is full of them. Here are 3 examples i have enjoyed or enjoy regularly. All very accessible and worth the little bit of effort. And of course I will talk about more in future.

Mam Tor

In the heart of Derbyshire near Castleton this hill is very popular due to its location, accessibility and views without an enormous amounts of walking upwards. Car parks near to the summit help to cater for all who want to get up and take in the stunning views with ease. On a sunny and busy day you will find lots of people on top, sitting and looking out. Mam Tor still has the remains of an old Iron Age fort upon it and from here what I enjoy is a walk along the Great Ridge that is easily spotted from the top and very well pathed. In fact this whole area of Derbyshire is full of walks, climbs and caves to explore. A gem of a place to visit.

English Hills – Look Out, Look Down and Wander Around 2

English Hills – Look Out, Look Down and Wander Around 3

Malvern Hills

English Hills – Look Out, Look Down and Wander Around 4

Beautiful! A place I have rarely got to due to geographical distance but worth every trip. The Malvern Hills run for about 8 miles. Wooded slopes with views over The Severn Valley help to make this a beauty spot. In fact the views extend over Worcester and Herefordshire and beyond. The hills are also famous for the spring water that it produces. Whatever your tastes or reason or distance to walk this place guarantees new visual splendours each visit and of course the whole of them need be walked in a day now do they?

English Hills – Look Out, Look Down and Wander Around 5

Pendle Hill

English Hills – Look Out, Look Down and Wander Around 6

This is one of those “Come on doggies, lets just go a wander upwards” places for me due to being lucky enough to live close but even if travelling further you will find this a rewarding little climb. An isolated hill looming over some great Lancashire towns as Burnley, Nelson and Colne. This place has a haunting history as well as gentle paths up its slopes. During the day you can walk up along many paths and car parks are plenty.

At halloween there are revellers taking up to the hill at night although the authorities are trying to stamp this out. Why? Well in 1612 there was the Pendle witch trials and all the alleged sightings since. The early life of the Quakers was influenced here when its founder George Fox had a vison whilst on its summit, plus there is a 7000 year old Bronze age burial mound on top. Alas, this can all be explored whilst in the area, first and foremost it is a hill for all that brings great visual rewards to all on its summit

English Hills – Look Out, Look Down and Wander Around 7

These are just 3 of many, like I say there are beautiful hills large and small throughout the country, many I can show in the future what I have seen and what I have yet to see. I look forward to it.

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  1. Avatar of nicole @thewondernuts nicole @thewondernuts says:

    I loved England! It was such a beautiful landscape. And so green! =)

  2. Avatar of Roar Eriksen Roar Eriksen says:

    Lovely scenery, feeling to go there sometimes

  3. Avatar of Lynne Gray Lynne Gray says:

    Paul, these photographs make you catch your breath – truly beautiful. The post isn't bad either 😉

  4. Avatar of Andy Jarosz Andy Jarosz says:

    Great choices Paul – I love hiking around Mam Tor and Castleton. Some people who haven't been there may be more familiar with the area than they realise. It featured heavily as a location in everyone's favourite movie The Princess Bride.

  5. Paul, I have fond memories of walking by Mam Tor and Pendle Hill on a geology field course. The photos certainly do them justice.

  6. Gosh, it's all beautiful. I feel as if I'm right there in each photo.

  7. Avatar of Lucy Corrander Lucy Corrander says:

    Now I want to go to Derbyshire. I hadn't realised what I've been missing!


  8. Avatar of Anita Nelson Anita Nelson says:

    WOW! Can anyone else see that the mountain the cows are lying on resembles the back of a cow? Like they are walking and lounging on the spine of a giant green cow~! Breathtaking photos as always, Paul~!

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