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Echo Falls Fruit Fusions is one of those drinks that is perfect for any festivities regardless of season. It makes a perfect Summer party wine but at any time of year it is a fruity beverage that will suit many a taste.

When Summer is at its finest, you can smell freshly cut grass, see never ending blue skies, hear the chirp of birds and the hum of bees. Flowers are in bloom and everyone seems to be happy. Long hazy days drift into colourful and warm twilights.

This is a time for family and friends to gather, to enjoy picnics and barbecues, camping or simply just getting together.

A good drink to add to the bar selection for your guests to sup would be Echo Falls – Fruit Fusions.

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They do three in the range, Summer Berries, Peach and Mango and Raspberry and Cassis.

I tried their Summer Berries and Peach & Mango.

Summer Berries

echo falls summer berries

The Summer Berries is blended using Rose wine and natural fruit flavours.

It is dusky pink in colour and the smell reminded me of a sweet cordial with a hint of rose wine.

It tastes quite sweet and you really get the summer berries, strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrant.

To make it into more of a refreshing drink, serve over ice

If you prefer red or white wine this may not suit your palate as it really is sweet and to me, doesn’t really taste like wine.

How is Rose wine made?

As it is made using Rose wine, I got to thinking how do they produce rose wine? Well it isn’t by mixing red and white wine!

Black skinned grapes are used and when they have been crushed, the skins are left in the juice for up to 20 hours. The skins are then removed before fermentation whereas with red wine the skins are left in the juice.

This is why rose is lighter in colour rather than a deep red like red wine.

White Fruit Fusion with Peach and Mango

wine with peach and mango

This wine is a very pale straw colour.  It has a pleasant peachy smell. You can really taste the peach and mango and it isn’t as sweet as the Summer Berries, perhaps because it is blended using white wine.  It has a fragrant flavour and is also good served over ice.

These are good drinks for those who don’t really like red or white wine and perhaps have more of a sweet tooth. They make for a refreshing alternative in warm weather or perhaps you want to kick back in the cooler days and reminisce about the summer as their website suggests.

Recipe Suggestions for slushies

If you have a bit of time on your hands and can prepare in advance, pour some into a ziplock bag, freeze it for about 6 hours until it becomes slushy then serve.

For a more fruity drink, using the Summer Berries, pop a few strawberries into a blender along with a handful of ice and the Summer Berries drink, whizz up to make a fruit slushie.

You can also do this with the Peach and Mango using a handful of frozen peaches. It works just as well.

You could serve these at festivities as it is something fruity and refreshing to offer your guests to get the party started.

So let us raise a glass to those hazy summer days.

Chin chin!

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