Cumbria Adventures in The Vauxhall Mokka X 1

When someone asks me if I fancy a challenge or an adventure then those that know me I can never resist. So, when Vauxhall challenged me to have as much adventure as possible in 48 hours with the new Mokka X I was sure to say ‘bring it on, let’s go!’

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Of course Cumbria is one of my favourite places on earth so where better to combine the adventures, driving, views and miles. It was time to head off to the Lake District. I must say the drive up there was made a whole lot easier than I am used to. Apple CarPlay was so easy to set up and connect to the iphone, I had my maps, navigation, phone screen all now on the dashboard together with my music of course. My world safely at my fingertips on the go.

vauxhall mokka x cumbria

Cumbria Adventures in The Vauxhall Mokka X 2

It wasn’t too long before I was getting into the mountains. The roads were quiet during the week so I took the opportunity to get over some mountain passes and long scenic winding roads. Even with some grey skies the views were epic! Of course in this car the off-road opportunities could hardly be missed.

48 hours and a whole lot of miles I can cover. Travelling dreams. With all this time I took the opportunity to see some of my memorable haunts from driving around Ulllswater to taking on the epic views from Kirkstone Pass, from Eden Valley castles like Brougham Castle to the wide open views over Orton Scar.

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All this was done tweeting live on @paul_steele of course, and those that know the Lake District will know that signal is difficult at the best of times. But, this is where one of the elements of the OnStar on board the car. It allows for a WiFi connection for up to 7 devices, would keep a whole family a lot more content on long journeys I bet. The OnStar does not stop there. Just one press of a button above the driver has you in a call with an advisor. The advisor will already know your exact position and can help in any emergency or breakdown. Automatic crash response means also that you would never be alone in the vent of an accident. Even before my journey from within my living room I had piece of mind with OnStar, because through the app on my phone I could from anywhere check my current tyre pressures, oil level and fuel level!

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It really was fun to drive around the country roads, a lot more comfortable than what I am used to. And being more in car than on foot gave me a lot more of the differing views of Cumbria than what I usually do.

vauxhall mokka x cumbria-2

Great fun, it was a blast, it was an adventure! Thank you Vauxhall.

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