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Asbury Park Convention Hall is a 3,600-seat indoor exhibition center located on the boardwalk and on the beachin Asbury Park, New Jersey. It was built between 1928 and 1930.

There are so many humble people I see on Twitter and Facebook that take pictures, post them and catch the eye of many. One such person is Esta H Singer. Never a day goes by it seems were I can log on to a network and not be drawn by her remarkable natural ability to capture unique moments wherever she is. Finally I was honoured to have her explain her passion and thoughts when with her camera. In her own words here….

From the desk of Esta

I’m appreciative, and honored that Paul asked if he could do a post about my photos. I’ve been an amateur photographer for about a year, and always question my talent… “are my photos really any good?” I’m thankful that someone I respect said “yes!”.

Capturing One Moment of Truth One Snap at a Time by Esta H Singer 1

I’m inspired by everything, people, architecture, landscapes. I walk everywhere with my camera, and drawn to images that express history; a quiet moment, a proud building, a serene or turbulent landscape. For me, it’s about capturing one moment of truth in time.

Historic towns abound on the Jersey Shore, so I take advantage of weekends along the coast to photograph people, landscapes, and architecture that tells a story. The state gets a bad rap, but truly, you need to put preconceptions aside and open your eyes- it’s beautiful.

Capturing One Moment of Truth One Snap at a Time by Esta H Singer 2

For me, it’s more than an exercise in aesthetics. It’s documenting life, and history, in a way that inspires interest and emotion for others. Also, it’s about having an honest respect for your subject.

Capturing One Moment of Truth One Snap at a Time by Esta H Singer 3

Snow- I’m probably one of the few who loves snow! I think it’s magical. I love the clean white simplicity, the snowflakes gently falling… it brings me to a quite place. I love the way it gives everything it falls upon ~ a old landmark, or proud tree~ an opportunity to express its individuality, often overlooked under multitudes of color and undefined lines.

Capturing One Moment of Truth One Snap at a Time by Esta H Singer 4

Capturing One Moment of Truth One Snap at a Time by Esta H Singer 5

I love giving a voice to everything I see, and a moment of truth to every landscape and piece of architecture. It’s about capturing life one snap at a time.

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  1. Avatar of esta @sheconsulting esta @sheconsulting says:

    Dear Gisela, @kimberlyellen, Jackie, @FourDaysaWeek, Fine Life, and Jane ~ thank you so very much for your wonderful words! I am so happy the photographs inspired you to comment. Paul is wonderful for featuring my work. I am blessed. Kind regards, e s t a

  2. Avatar of Jane Saltoun Jane Saltoun says:

    They are incredibly beautiful – so peaceful – so calming. You are extraordinarily talented and I hope I get an opportunity to view more of your photographs (I checked out your website, too).

  3. Avatar of Fine Life Fine Life says:

    Stunning! Thank you for sharing your work!

  4. Avatar of @sheconsulting @sheconsulting says:

    Thank you Paul for the wonderful post! it's been an amazing experience seeing and hearing so many heartfelt and enthusiastic responses to my photographs. You've made an impression on my life, a perfect moment of truth in time. 🙂 esta

  5. Incredible how u can show ur love about snow,landscape…moments that just happend, the way u describe the scenes..very , very deep!!! As a psichologyst I can tell that u should not have any problems to talk about feelings…
    Gisela from Sao Paulo

  6. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments. I am so glad you enjoy Esta's pics as I do. A remarkable talent. P

  7. Avatar of Kim Leatherdale Kim Leatherdale says:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Esta personally and she is as attractive as her photos. Additionally, she is so excited and happy about photography it is wonderful to see. I love the one with blowing snow on the beach! Thanks for putting her on your site, Paul!

  8. Avatar of @stephsigel @stephsigel says:

    Lovely photos, coming from a fellow snow-enthusiast! Is second from bottom shown as is, or did you use a painting tool? Looks amazing either way.

  9. Avatar of @kimberlyellen @kimberlyellen says:

    leave it to Paul to bring us more breathtaking beauty than one could ever imagine. I very much appreciate the incredible talent of Esta. Thank YOU both.

  10. Breathtaking and I thank Paul for bringing your talent to the forefront and for introducing me to a new friend on Twitter.

  11. Avatar of Diana Adams Diana Adams says:

    These are stunning, no, they are more than stunning, they are magnificent, REALLY!!! Esta, you truly have a gift, and I thank you for sharing it with all of us! I can't stop looking at these. Lol 😉

  12. Avatar of Mom and Dad Mom and Dad says:

    Our beautiful Esta, viewing your photos is seeing into your soul. They are photographic poetry.

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