Canti Prosecco 2016 - A Party Starter

Prosecco? Ooh go on then, don’t mind if I do!

Having been more of a champagne fan in the past I find myself purchasing more Prosecco these days. It seems to be that bit more palatable for some who are not wine fans so we can meet in the middle and obviously, the cost is cheaper.

A little bit of Prosecco history……

Prosecco is a sparkling wine (although not all Proseccos are sparkling, some are flat). It is made in the Veneto region of Italy. It tends to be sweeter than champagne. Prosecco is named after a village, a suburb of Trieste and the word itself is Slovenian, meaning ‘Path through the woods’.

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Nowadays the production of Prosecco extends beyond the village where it began. The main Prosecco grape is called ‘Glera’ and dates back to Roman times.

The obvious price difference between Prosecco and champagne is down to the process in which it is made using the Tank method. The Tank method is so efficient this makes Prosecco less expensive to make and easier on our purses/wallets.

There are many varieties of Prosecco, differing in each supermarket and in taste and appeal. On my last shop I purchased Canto Prosecco 2016, a more popular tipple and available in most supermarkets priced between £6 and £9.

As this is non vintage it needs to be served ice cold. So, as I poured it into the glass, the Prosecco is almost clear in colour with a gentle yet persistent fizz.

canti prosecco in a glass or flute

As I sipped, I got aromas of pleasant clean Spring flowers. The flavours immediately hit on tasting of fresh crisp apple with a hint of grapefruit and lemon undertones.

It isn’t too dry on the mouth given it is extra dry. I, as more of a champagne gal, would say this particular Prosecco was a little too bland for me but it works well as a base mixer for cocktails such as adding Chambord for extra oomph!

All in all, this Prosecco makes a good party starter as it works well with salted nibbles or to drink as a tipple for a warm Summer day.

So, if you are looking for a simple inoffensive Prosecco this Canti Prosecco does the trick nicely.

canti label

Chin Chin!

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