Beautiful Britain - A Wee Village, A Bay and A Vale 1


Welcome to the next 3 places I admire in what has become the Beautiful Britain series. As always I have picked out a lovely place to explore in each of Scotland, England and Wales. As I hope I have shown this land is not just about green hills and a city. Each corner of Britain has its own beauty with endless amounts of sights to see. This time we have:


Ok I say a wee village but Glenfinnan is an area too with a big history. Just look at the picture above, you can see straight away it is a place to wander and relax. It is situated at the end of Loch Shiel in the Highlands. The memorial you see in the foreground was erected to remember the Jacobite Risings especially the one beginning in 1745, as it was in Glenfinnan that Bonnie Prince Charlie landed with his claim to the throne. Below you will see the famous viaduct, part of the West Highland Railway over which runs the Jacobite Steam Train. It is this viaduct and steam train used for the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films. Also for film buffs the Mcleods (fictional characters from the Highlander series) where born here. With mountains all around too there is so much to see learn and explore.

Beautiful Britain - A Wee Village, A Bay and A Vale 2

Beautiful Britain - A Wee Village, A Bay and A Vale 3

Robin Hood’s Bay

Beautiful Britain - A Wee Village, A Bay and A Vale 4

People often go to the coast of Yorkshire and visit the grand towns of Scarborough and Whitby. Tucked in between them though is this beautiful bay with its small fishing village. Its name is a mystery and there is no known connection to the man of folklore over in Sherwood Forest. What is known though is that at the time of Henry VIII this village had more importance than Whitby as old Dutch Sea charts for example have Robin Hood’s Bay clearly mapped but not Whitby at all. The village itself is great to wander around, narrow cobbled streets weaving away with traditional buildings. For the families there are sandy beaches, cliff top walks and due to the geological and geographical position the tide going out leaves many rockpools brimming with nature. Go explore.

Beautiful Britain - A Wee Village, A Bay and A Vale 5

The Elan Valley

Beautiful Britain - A Wee Village, A Bay and A Vale 6

The ‘Welsh Lake District’ as it is known in parts. A series of reservoirs in the heart of Wales and given the status of Area of Outstanding Beauty. With the water and hills around you as you take it in this status is understandable. Over 100 years ago the dams where not there as it was home to 100 people living on the river. The English city of Birmingham needed water so work began transforming the whole area. The wildlife surrounding the reservoirs and their protected status means that fauna, wildlife and trails keep their natural state and can be enjoyed by thousands of visitors. The water in the reservoirs is kept constantly clean too (that is why Birmingham has its softer water). Whether fishing, walking or enjoying one of the many cycle trails this seemingly remote area will make many a great day.

Beautiful Britain - A Wee Village, A Bay and A Vale 7

I am enjoying sharing these wonderful places and always look forward to sharing more. With summer almost here I will also be out and about all over finding new too. Thank you!

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  1. Avatar of Jill at Road Warrior Jill at Road Warrior says:

    As always, love your beautiful photography and posts!
    Hope you’re enjoying our travels, too! 🙂

  2. Avatar of See-TheWorld See-TheWorld says:

    Great information, very useful. And pictures of these fabulous 🙂

  3. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

    Thx vicky yes it's a beautiful place

  4. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

    Thank you! Robin hood bay is yes a gorgeous little place to stay

  5. Avatar of Susan Alexander Susan Alexander says:

    What great photos and info, Paul. I've just started thinking of summer travel (as I do every year, immediately after Christmas). What fun it would be to rent a cottage on Robinhood Bay. Thanks for all the great ideas. Susan

  6. Lovely view of Robin Hood's Bay with the jumble of orange roofs tumbling downhill.

  7. Beautiful Britain, and beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Photos are great and they are calling. I will answer their call and visit beautiful Britain one day.

  9. Very beautiful pictures like postcards!

  10. this is the most beautiful place in the me.. my heaven , my bucket list. if u took these photos paul, you raise the bar, a blessing that shines ~

  11. very pretty wish I were there.

  12. Avatar of Lynne Gray Lynne Gray says:

    Thanks for sharing this Paul – we are truly blessed to live in such magnificent surroundings. You've captured the beauty perfectly in your photographs

  13. My goodness Paul, these are beautiful pictures. I can almost feel myself there in each one.

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