glen coe loch

Within these shores are some breathtaking Mountains, hills, lakes, towns and villages.  As I travel around be it for training, roaming or relaxing it is amazing what you can come across.  It doesn’t have to be a Mountain, it can be flat and beautiful.  I want to start a series of posts showing 3 varying places with beauty I have visited on each. Beautiful Britain!

GLEN COE – A Spectacular Place

Let’s start in the highlands of Scotland. Way way up there and I tell you it is worth every mile of travel. Glen Coe has got to be one of the most beautiful hiking/climbing areas I have had the pleasure of wandering. I always say altitude means nothing when all you need is to get up somewhere in any hills and mountains and enjoy the scenery. This place has it all. Gorgeous peaks, great climbing for the technical types, lochs, easy accessability and a serene tranquility.

Glen Coe great view

ULLSWATER – The Most Beautiful English Lake

Deep in the heart of my favourite training area (The lake District) lies Ullswater.  The second largest lake in England to Windermere and considered the most beautiful. As I wander regularly up Helvellyn from it’s shores I have found myself many a time turning round from above to see it’s full glory lay out before me. Once or twice I have also taken the time to walk around miles and miles of it’s shores. Very popular for family walks and boating.  William Wordsworth was inspired on a walk here by this Lake to write the famous poem ‘Daffodils’

Beautiful Britain – A Glen, Lake and a Beach 1

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

ullswater greenery
reflections across ullswater

BARAFUNDEL BAY – A Jewel of a Welsh Beach

Yes, is Paul Steele talking about beaches? Not my normal place of leisure but that does not mean I don’t enjoy a little cheeky down time at one every now and then. Barafundel Bay in Pembrokeshire, Wales is a gem, golden sand, dunes, backed by pine trees.  No roads about, only accessible by a half mile walk over the coastal cliff path.  If you get a weather window it is great for walking, surfing or relaxing.

Barafundel Bay
pembrokshire beach

Thank you for your time in joining me in these places here, I look forward to sharing 3 more lovely places soon.

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  1. Avatar of Pia De Girolamo Pia De Girolamo says:

    Beautiful locations;the Welsh beach is a surprise and a delight!

  2. Avatar of Jeremy Branham Jeremy Branham says:

    I love hiking. I don't get to do enough of it but love hiking in northern California. However, I don't think you can beat destinations in Britain. I've heard a lot about Glen Coe. Of all the countries I've been to in Europe, I've yet to visit the UK. When I go, I will have to take different trips. One will be for London, Edinburgh, and the must see sites. The other will be for hiking. Somehow, the latter trip seems like it could take a lot longer than the former 🙂

  3. Glen Coe is my favourite place in the whole world. I haven't been for a while since I moved to Sussex and much as I love the South Downs – it's not the same. Your image brings back happy memories so thanks for that on a Thursday morning.

  4. Avatar of Cathy Kennedy Cathy Kennedy says:

    Amazing pics as ever Paul – shows the 'countryside' off to great advantage ;-)) XXXX

  5. you know my thoughts, this is such a beautiful country, us locals should really explore it more ; ) I'm proud to say I have visited them all!

  6. Avatar of indonesia tourism indonesia tourism says:

    like a place in fairytale.. it's so beautifull….

  7. Avatar of Alison Ashford Alison Ashford says:

    Hi Paul, what stunning treasures we have right on our own doorstep! This is why we've started holidaying in the UK in recent years – there's so much to explore, discover and appreciate. This is an excellent blog! Thanks for sharing. Alison

  8. Another beautiful blog post, Paul!!! Thank you for sharing them with your readers. 🙂

  9. Avatar of blogomomma blogomomma says:

    Beautifully done and the photos are breathtaking – my fave is the mirrored one !

  10. Avatar of RumShopRyan RumShopRyan says:

    From one bald man to another…nice photos. I'm a little partial to the nice beach shots.


  11. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

    Hi John, Thanks for your comment. I did state Ullswater is "considered" the most beautiful as it is in most circles.. I love all of them in their own unique way. Derwent, Haweswater, Grasmere and so on.
    I am sorry you do not share the view on the beach. I appreciate you may not see the same goodness as a majority and I am more than sure that will be the same for a small few. More others will admire it for what is is and sorry in my eyes it is a jewel 🙂 Paul

  12. Avatar of Countrylets Countrylets says:

    Lovely I have walked the coastal path in the St Davids area only about 13 miles of it but worth it stunning scenery! Have you done any walks round us Offa's Dyke, Shropshire Way, Long Mynd? Would love to see photos of those!

  13. Paul, calling Ullswater the most beautiful English lake is a bit of a wild claim. Surely you mean in your eyes? I prefer Coniston and Wastwater.
    Barafundle Bay is fairly unique in that there are no roads other intrusions such as beach huts, houses, but it is on the busy Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. A jewel?

  14. Avatar of Paul Steele Paul Steele says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments and thoughts. That inspires me to get out and about more to new places I have yet to explore. 🙂
    Thanks so much for dropping by I appreciate it so much

  15. The photos are unbelievable makes us want to go there 🙂 Your Tourism industry should grab these photos.


  16. Avatar of A.R.Karthick A.R.Karthick says:

    Really amazing landscapes and crisp captured too, Paul. Cheers!

  17. Avatar of Bunny (Holy Xuxa) Bunny (Holy Xuxa) says:

    What gorgeous places! You make my feet itch to travel.

  18. Avatar of Anita Nelson Anita Nelson says:

    I love your blog, Paul~! It's a virtual vacation in every post~! These pictures are so stunning~! They truly look 3-D~!

  19. OMG! So much beauty! Indeed Britain is awesome.
    Wanna visit all these wonderful spots. And have lovely hikes.
    Thanks for sharing this treasures!

  20. Avatar of Kevin Green @MySOdotCom Kevin Green @MySOdotCom says:

    Beautiful Paul, where is the snow 🙂

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