Banishing Pet Hair With The Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 1

If you have pets you have pet hair. Malc is a huge molter and he sheds a lot of hair, it is natural.

Add on top of that sometimes there are 2 cats in the house, one, a big fluffy thing you can imagine it is a daily merry go round chasing up hair on the carpets, floors and furnishings.

Plus it is the time of year for muddy walks so that gets everywhere.

I have been struggling I must say, especially when it gets really stubbornly stuck in the carpets so when I was recently asked to try out the Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, I took the opportunity to see if life got that much easier and to say what I honestly think.

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Banishing Pet Hair With The Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2

There are some big headlines that make it an attractive option. Design, weight, power and ease of use, even for someone more suited to the outdoors like me.

Battery Power

Yes, we have all tried cordless vacuum cleaners, but more often than not you don’y have long enough to do the whole house or even the car! The S1 has a battery that last almost a whole hour at 55 minutes. That is when set to normal level of power.

Charging it is so easy to. You just put a magnetic docking disc on the wall near the plug socket where you want to store it. It clicks and holds with ease and you can quickly grab it out of the socket in seconds.

Banishing Pet Hair With The Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 3


One thing I did notice immediately is how light and ergonomic this thing was. It is only 1.5 kg (3.3 lb). The large handle has 270 degree rotation too so actually physically using it is a breeze to be honest. One push of the power button on the handle and you are off without heavy lifting to get everywhere. Turning left and right.

The actual dust holder is easy to clip off and on. A simple button push. If you have the app on your phone it tells you can even get that to tell you it is full too. Also in the app you can get info like how much cleaning time is available, firmware updates and even how many calories you have burned cleaning the floors.

Banishing Pet Hair With The Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 4


In the box you get a whole plethora of attachments. Already in the main head is the carpet carbon fibre brush. For me this did all kinds of floors great on a daily basis. But if you want specific things cleaning even deeper you can quickly remove and add the new attachment.

Banishing Pet Hair With The Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 5

On the main head is an intuitive light that shines ahead as you get into darker spaces and corners so you can see what you are cleaning up.

Banishing Pet Hair With The Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 6

It has a special design too that stops any hair getting tangled up on the roller. The hair will go straight up the tube before getting wrapped around. That is a big problem I had with my last vacuum cleaner too.

You have a nylon roller that is great for getting hard wooden floors properly cleaned without any damage whatsoever. It will help polish it as you go along actually.

If you have lots of soft furnishings there is the smaller anti mite brush. With a rubber strip and nylon brush, plus its own independent motor it all combines to mites, germs and hair from sofas and beds etc.

The remaining attachments help to use the cleaners power, in the car, on electrical items, curtains and down narrow spaces. I have used them all and they do as they say they would. My laptop has never been so clean, plus the dog goes everywhere in the car with me so you can imagine I need something like this for the car 🙂

Banishing Pet Hair With The Roidmi S1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 7


Now then. Performance. I will be honest. I took it out of the box and wondered if something so light and compact could actually produce pet hair busting quality. But, I stood corrected.

The S1 here comes with a suction power or 120 aw. believe me I have spent time now looking into manufacturers jargon and that aw figure is the one that matters with regard suction power. Not just w etc. 120 is mighty high suction power combined with the power of 415 w.

It beats a lot of other well known cordless vacuum cleaners by a quite a bit in the nitty gritty too.


Well well, I was converted. I never thought I would get excited about something like this but when my time doing chores is cut and cleaning up after the animals becomes easier, Im in! Find out more on the Roidmi S1.

Every time I use it now I have that mission on feeling in my head of leaving a room as if there were no pets in the house. Yes I am a goal driven person.

Now, the next job is stopping Malc from herding it 😀

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