Azerbaijan – Local people passing by 1

Our latest trip to Azerbaijan has been amazing as it ever is. From the snowy mountains, historical places to a walk through the city of Baku that never ceases to give great surprises on each trip there. Too much to see, too little time and so many photos to take…. Normally on a trip there’s so many beautiful landscapes and buildings to admire as we have already shown a part of. But I also like to stop for a while take a step back and watch the local people. When I do that there’s always lots of questions crossing my mind… How do they fill their days, what things makes them happy, what food do they like, what are they worrying about, what are they looking forward too…. What would be crossing their minds on the moment I press my shutter….  That split second of their life that I capture… Below is just a small selection of street portraits of the people of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan - Local people passing by

Azerbaijan - Local people passing by

Azerbaijan - Local people passing by

Azerbaijan - Local people passing by

I definitely will come back to this country yet again. There’s so much more to explore and so many more wonderful people to meet…

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  1. Avatar of Tamworth Blogger Tamworth Blogger says:

    I like your article because you think about other people and how they feel and what’s in their head. I also think about that while walking past people but it looks like you have mainly focused on the poorer people, still a great article

  2. Avatar of Joshua Dent Joshua Dent says:

    I really liked the part about how you like to stop and ask the locals about what they do, think, see, eat,etc. i think this is such an integral part of travel that often goes overlooked.

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