Avoalre Coolmax Sports Socks

I’ve long been a fan of Coolmax socks for everyday wear with my trainers. They’re one of the only things I’ve found that consistently keep my feet dry and comfortable in warm, humid conditions. 

Coolmax is a pretty fantastic fabric made of polyester fibres. This gives Coolmax fabric a larger surface area than normal fibres, which helps keep moisture away from the skin by moving it toward the outermost layer of the fabric.

boxed Avoalre Coolmax Sports Socks

The only problem I’ve found with the Coolmax socks I’ve worn in the past  is the price tag. Up and coming sportswear company Avoalre is on a mission to change that, however, with affordable products such as, you guessed it… athletic socks.

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Avoalre Coolmax Ankle Socks

Avoalre’s Coolmax Ankle Socks are low cut with a tab in the back. That tab is very nearly unnecessary as these socks aren’t going anywhere once you’ve put them on – and that’s a good thing! 

pack of short Avoalre Coolmax Sports Socks

Their compression arch support helps these socks stay put, and gives them just the right level of firmness to keep them from slipping, despite a comfortably thin design. In addition, like most higher end Coolmax socks, Avoalre’s are designed and marked specifically for right and left feet, giving them an almost glove-like fit.

short Avoalre Coolmax Sports Socks

The fabric is breathable, as I’ve come to expect from Coolmax products, and keeps my feet dry on a warm day. I first wore these socks during a  3-mile walk on a paved trail and was comfortable for the duration.

Avoalre Athletic Running Sports Socks

This version of Avoalre’s Coolmax socks offer the same moisture-wicking, non-slip benefits as their ankle socks, but with extra protection and cushioning.

Avoalre Coolmax Sports running socks

I wore both types in the gym and found these better suited to repetitive motions on machines such as the elliptical and cross trainers. While I’m not a runner, I would imagine these would be more comfortable for those who do run, too. The extra padding isn’t bulky around the foot but does offer some additional impact protection.

socks used on treadmill

Like all of Avoalre’s socks, these are separately marked for left and right feet and they stay put during activity.


Some of the Coolmax socks I’ve invested in over the years are very nearly the price for 1 pair that Avoalre charges for 3. That’s hard to beat if you’re looking for a comfortable everyday sock that will keep your feet dry and cool.

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