A Weekend Guesthouse Stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1

A short round up of a special mum and daughter trip to Canada and our booking experience in a relaxing and beautifully presented guesthouse in Toronto. Our journey began just before the UK’s end of May bank holiday, with everything booked, planned for, and highly anticipated. It was a mother and daughter trip to Toronto, a special treat especially for my daughter’s 18th birthday, and what a wonderful trip we had, packing in lots of fun activities, beginning with Anime North which takes place every year at the Toronto Congress Centre to start the weekend off with pizzazz.

A Weekend Guesthouse Stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2

The “Toronto Luxury Guesthouse” that we had booked for the long weekend break, was ideally located and on great bus routes for reaching the Congress Centre where the anime convention was held, plus reliable local bus services for Toronto city. The guesthouse is in a lovely quiet area of Toronto, very peaceful and green. We felt at ease during our guesthouse stay and the family were so warm and helpful, making us feel welcome, which is very settling when you’ve travelled thousands of miles from home.

A Weekend Guesthouse Stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 3

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I wanted self catering for our trip and I loved the use of the spacious kitchen facilities. The American fridge freezer is available to use for your own groceries, everybody seemed to have a space for their own food etc. We mostly only used it for our milk carton. I found the kitchen to be a beautifully fitted open plan area with full length windows letting in natural light throughout and with access to the garden and decking area. The sliding door is complete with an insect screen.

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A Weekend Guesthouse Stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5

After a long hot, adventure filled day, my daughter and I enjoyed watching black squirrels in the trees and the robins on the lawn, whilst having coffee. The other guests we met were very friendly, though most of the time we were out exploring during the day. Often the kitchen and lounge were empty when we arrived back and so we made good use of the cooler temperatures after a day’s adventures in the hot sun, the lounge is a great spot to wind down and catch up with friends and family back home using the free WiFi or even watch cable tv, to find out how hot it’s going to get for the following days activities, in fact on our trip to Niagara Falls, lunch in the Sheraton hotel overlooking the falls, visiting Niagara on the lake and followed by ice wine tasting, the temperature reached close to 33 degrees in the first heat of the year.   More on our trips in future posts. 😊

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I felt the accommodation was amazing value for money, especially as I had shopped around considerably. My main considerations were; To have space of our own, to cater for ourselves, easy   proximity to the airport, ease of access to the Toronto congress centre and somewhere comfortable after a long day, the free WiFi was also a major swing in favor so that I could stay in contact with home and be able to check in with my homeward flight on Air Canada.

A Weekend Guesthouse Stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 7

After a long, hot, busy day of fun, coming back to the guesthouse was a pleasure, the temperature was much more ambient and the atmosphere, welcoming. I slept so soundly at night,  such a lovely comfortable bed. There was an insect screen on the bedroom window, so we would sometimes open the window in the evening, knowing that we wouldn’t let in any insects. Most days my daughter and I were out early to catch the bus, so I’m glad we caught enough Zees at night. The bathroom was perfectly fitted, and the shower was powerful enough to relax under, after a long, active day.

A Weekend Guesthouse Stay in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 8

All in all, we were both delighted with our choice of accommodation. It’s fantastic value for money and with luxury surroundings, everything on my check list was ticked and we both enjoyed our stay at “Toronto Luxury Guesthouse,” which I booked with booking.com,  I’d say with all honesty, if the chance arose for another trip to Toronto with my family, I would choose the same accommodation again. Canada has been very welcoming and full of fun adventures. 😊 

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