A Swift Adventure In The Durham Dales 1

Motorhome packed and was time for another adventure on the road. This time I was heading to the wonderful Durham Dales, a place I hadn’t visited yet this year, so, motorhome ready, point north, let’s go!

The Durham Dales I have to say are beautiful, if you have never been, I advise you do. I hear so much from people not realising that Durham had Dales and hills. Well they have indeed and they are perfect walking territory.

A Swift Adventure In The Durham Dales 2

What I like about the Swift Select 184 is that the size is perfect for my adventures. Great on the open road and very maneuverable around country roads. But as I said in the article showing the inside it is like a TARDIS 🙂

A Swift Adventure In The Durham Dales 3

The space together with any needs are designed wonderfully. You can have two double beds or two sitting/dining areas if you wish. And when nit in use can all fold away with ease.

A Swift Adventure In The Durham Dales 4

Plus when it comes to going out somewhere for the day you do not have to worry about driving a big cumbersome home around the country lanes. With the six gears and the big cabin up front I find it is a dream to drive. Plus when you want to stop for some adventures in the hills then parking space is less of an issue too.

A Swift Adventure In The Durham Dales 5

Speaking of mini adventures, from the campsite in the Durham Dales, a wonderful one I shall write about soon I decided to go and walk around some of my favourite landmarks in the area. High and Low Force where on the top of my list, especially as it had been raining a bit lately, it should produce a sight.

A Swift Adventure In The Durham Dales 6

I wasn’t wrong! High Force was spectacularly in full spate. Normally you only get water coming down on the left but today it was crashing down both sides. It was a rainy day anyway so didn’t mind getting down and in the midst of the spray at the bottom.

Far removed from the last time I was here, at midnight, photographing the milky away above it. Every trip here brings different views, always worth a return.

A Swift Adventure In The Durham Dales 7

At the end of the log walk it was actually nice to realise I had my home from home with me at the car park. Perfect for drying off and having a nice warm coffee.

A Swift Adventure In The Durham Dales 8

Another beautiful drive through the dales and back to the site for hooking up and getting rested for more new adventures.

Where should I go next in the home from home?

Lakes? Scotland? Wales? Dales? South or even Europe? The world is my oyster, let’s go!

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