A Guide to Galentine’s Day

For some, February the 14th can be one of the most romantic times of the year. Yet for many, it’s a day like any other. This year, I have chosen to spend Valentine’s with the person who looks after me every other day of the year: Me.

I have (rather creatively) decided to make Valentine’s into Galentine’s, and use it to practice self-care and self-love. As a shopaholic, I love giving and receiving gifts, so I knew I wanted to treat myself a little this holiday (even though it isn’t necessary if you’re trying to save!) So, for the low budget of just under £10, I want to show you how I’ve done Galentine’s on a budget to say thank you to myself.

Firstly, I indulged in a classic Valentine’s Day gift: I bought myself flowers. What may seem like a simple gesture has brightened up my life considerably. I treated myself to Tesco’s Valentine’s Rose’s (£5) and they look dazzling on my desk.

buying flowers for yourself

Roses are my favourite flowers and there isn’t always an excuse to splurge on them, but I absolutely couldn’t resist this holiday. Also, after they have expired, I intend to explore the wonders of flower perseveration by pressing them to make some DIY photo frame decorations! 

Next, I made sure to dedicate some time to doing the things I enjoy, for the whole of this week, not just February the 14th. For me, this involved finding a quiet hour or two to light a candle and work on my novel at my desk. It also involved going to the gym for a cardio-heavy workout to get my endorphins bursting. I also purchased a book on spirituality, Inner Magic, (£2 at The Works) to guide on my meditation.

inner magic book

I made sure to make time for myself this week and treated myself to a little TLC. This can be something as simple as a face mask, a long walk or a nice bubble bath; I chose to repaint my nails as they were looking very scruffy. Something as simple as having pretty nails while I write has boosted my productivity greatly, and reminds me to take care of myself generally. I also made time to spend time in nature, as I find this very rejuvenating. This is one of my favourite walks to take at home in Methley, Yorkshire.

river and bridge in Methley, Yorkshire

Productivity can have a greatly positive effect on the mind. Having a nice clean home or room will make you feel relaxed and create a more serene space to encourage work. I thoroughly cleaned my room and reorganised so come Friday I would have a nice clean space to work in. I also re-made my cork board so it would have inspiring images on it.

a cork board

Another way to boost your mood is kindness, towards yourself and other people. I channelled my love of bracelet making, which reminds me of my time at Camp America, to make a friend of mine a bracelet. Small acts of kindness not only make you smile, but shows the other person just how much you care.

making a bracelet

Finally, the most important part of Valentine’s Day is showing those you love just how much you love them. Whether it be familial, platonic, or romantic love, make sure to tell the people who are most important to you just how much they mean to you.

showing you care to parents and ones you love

Send them a meaningful text, make time for a coffee, or even a brief phone call can be incredibly beneficial. Take the time today to tell people just how much they mean to you. I made sure to make plans and spend time with those I love. And that’s the best way to guarantee you have a great Galentine’s.

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