8 Steps To More Joy In Your Life

Joy is an experience of the heights and celebration of being alive. It is contagious and can expand and snowball, and has so many positive ramifications that can ripple out and bless and transform yourself and your life, dispelling negativity, disengaging the ego, and opening you to more of all that uplifts you.

At the heart of your desire for anything (be that love, money, freedom, friendships…) may also lie a desire for more joy in your life. It begins with choice. Choose joy, and honour that choice by doing more of all that you love and that brings you joy. Make joy a priority and get creative about ways to experience it.

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Ask yourself the question: “How can I bring more joy into my life today/tomorrow/this week/this year?”

I explore 8 Steps to More Joy in your Life below:

Write a Joy List of all that brings you joy

Allow yourself to spill your heart’s desires onto the page without restraint. Be imaginative and don’t hold back.

Don’t worry about the ‘hows’/whether you know how you will do something or not, just be open and passionate and write down all that would bring you joy; anything that you would love to do, be or have, no holds barred.

Anything that seems currently unattainable within your present circumstances you can turn into dreams and goals. You may find new dreams or old ones re-discovered and rekindled.

Simply igniting your passions and unleashing your desires with a Joy List raises your energy and boosts your potential to attract those very things into your life. Your desire is a generating energy and a way in which you affirm to the universe what you want.

Write a Joy List of all that brings you joy

Imagine and visualize yourself filled with happiness and delight, laughing and beaming from ear-to-ear. Step into that you and really feel the feelings, accessing states of joy. The more you embody joy, the more you radiate and attract it, brightening yourself and your life. You can support a joy-infused self-image by projecting that experience with your heart and mind. This isn’t about coating over other feelings that may be there, more about creating adynamic relationship between yourself and joy itself.

Remember when you were a child how much joy you got out of the simplest things in life. Whilst preferences and desires change as an adult, the sense of energy, enthusiasm, play and joy can all still be there.

Schedule more joy into your calendar

Create weekly joy doses and joy treats. You can refer to your joy list for ideas to add into your diary for the coming days/weeks/months ahead.


Forgiveness is like a mind-body-soul detox and can liberate you from whole clusters of constricting emotions and set yourself and others free, lightening your spirit and opening your heart. Forgiveness may not be an instant flip-switch; it may involve stages and releasing emotions. Either way, intending for and choosing forgiveness, including self-forgiveness, of course, will always open you to greater joy.

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Do something you’ve never done before

Aim for something you’ll enjoy, of course! Perhaps it’s something you’ve always been curious about – a creative hobby, a type of food, singing classes, rock-climbing, pottery, you name it.

Doing new things, tapping into your adventurous spirit and surprising yourself can be a great way to bring more joy into your life. Sometimes that means stepping outside your current comfort zone or taking a risk. Go for it!


Moving your body with exercise of any kind clears out the cobwebs, gets your energy flowing and endorphins pumping and elevates your state. There are so many ways to exercise so explore any that you most love. You could join a gym, explore martial arts, Yoga, Pilates or Qigong, trapeze, jogging, salsa classes, tennis, climbing, dance, roller-blading, skipping, swimming, etc.

Spend time in nature

An outdoor break, hike, rest and relaxation in a garden, or even just a short walk in a park, by a river or in woodland, can lift your spirits and fill your heart with the beauty and joys of nature. Nature can be a remedy to so much of what stands in the way of joy, helping you return to it more effortlessly and naturally. You can search for nearby parks to stroll in, or walking trails and hiking paths in the countryside. There are also companies that arrange walks and hikes where you can join a group to walk with others to share in the joys.

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Giving, be it practically or emotionally; in sharing love, in listening, appreciating, offering skills, time, attention, inspiration, or simply ‘being there’ for another, is heart-opening indeed, and enables us to experience more of the love that we are and share that love with others. True giving (as opposed to sacrifice or giving-to-get) brings great joy. Be sure also to receive so that you do not deny others the joy of that giving also.

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