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After a day of cold winter hiking or walking in the cold outdoors there is nothing better than getting home to a warming drink. This hot buttered rum cocktail recipe is just wonderful to warm yourself up and leave the cold winter air outside.

The drink has a long history. In the United States it is said to date back to the colonial days. It is also a drink that has a strong association with the festive period. When I drink it I do feel the cinnamon and spices really do add that Christmas time vibe.

A lot of people have a bottle of dark rum gathering dust in their drinks cupboard. Not I, as it is a big go to for me when I have a break from Keto. This drink recipe takes your rum and it adds some spicy winter flavours to get the taste buds going.

A lot of the spices you may already have in your kitchen cupboard too. Anyway, enough talking and time to make a drink.

ingredients hot buttered rum


1 tbsp unsalted butter

50ml (a double shot) of dark rum

140ml hot water

1 tbsp light brown sugar

1 dash ground cinnamon

1 dash vanilla extract

1 dash ground nutmeg

1 dash ground cloves

1 dash mixed spice

Cinnamon Stick for garnish (optional)


First make the batter

Put the butter (softened), together with the sugar and spices in a glass and mix together really well.

This will create your batter.

(If you wish to make more than one drink or create a batter once for many future uses then increase the spices and butter ingredients accordingly).

Make the drink

Place the spice batter in your glass of choice. (I make the batter in my glass anyway)

Pour in the rum

Pour in the hot water (I heat my water to not quite boiling so as not to spoil the flavours)

Stir together and all ready!

ready to drink hot rum

Enjoy a nice warm and spicy drink. lovely. Cheers

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