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Cranberries and Amaretto are great for helping to make a great Christmas cocktail. Of course this drink is not just for Christmas but a great warmer or party starter at any time of the year. Naturally that just depends on the availability of cranberries at other times of the year.

Out of cranberry season you could replace the fruit with cherries and cherry juice and that would make it more like a Bakewell Cocktail.

This to me is one of those drinks I did not think I would like. But I tried a sip and the tartness of the cranberry juice balances the sweetness of the amaretto. I love Prosecco so the addition other festive ingredients make a warm and simple drink to create variety.

Only 4 ingredients are required that you can get from any supermarket. So if you feel like a festive and fizzy cocktail at any time then this is a good one to go for.

ingredients for christmas fizz cocktail


For 1 drink

25 ml Cranberry Juice

25 ml Amaretto

Prosecco or champagne

A few fresh cranberries


Pour the cranberry juice and the amaretto into a wine glass or flute.

Top up the glass with prosecco or champagne.

Add a few cranberries to garnish it to desired taste or look. This helps to dress the drink.

And that is it, an absolutely simple and quick recipe that is an easy way to add some Christmas sparkle to your drink.

christmas cocktail served


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