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A Dog Walk Through Witch Wood, Lytham

A wonderful woodland walk in the leafy town of Lytham on the Fylde. Witch Wood is a bit of a hidden gem with plenty of locals unaware of it themselves. It’s name is not associated with folklore as you might think, and being just a mile or so long it is perfect for a short yet beautiful wood walk, for the dogs or families, away from the nearby hustle and bustle.

For those in the know it is actually one of the most popular woodland walks in the area.

A Dog Walk Through Witch Wood, Lytham

Where Is It?

The woodland is actually what remains of the Great Wood of Lytham Hall. Once upon a time the woodland of this grand home spread far and wide into what is now the town. It is now approximately a mile long stretch that runs virtually parallel to the railway line. From near Lytham Hall to Blackpool Road. The entrances do seem slightly hidden too, very hard to accidentally stumble upon.

The entrance is not far from Lytham Hall main gate. Behind the railway station as you go over the bridge towards the hall, look left after the lines. You will see a little gap in the wall with a pathway, here is where you go in.

A Dog Walk Through Witch Wood, Lytham

For parking at this end of the woods there are spaces for 1 hour no return which is ok if you want to simply walk to the end and back without dawdling. There are pay and display longer parking nearby. You can park at the far end (Ansdell) of the wood for free but that would mean on street parking and parking responsibly outside houses.

Why Called Witch Wood?

Most people would think that the name is associated with fables and witches of the dark magic type. However the name is attached more to reality and real beings.

Lytham Hall was owned by the Clifton family during the 19th Century. They had a horse called ‘The Witch’. Apparently the horse fell in this woodland and died in 1888. She was buried beneath the trees and the area became known after her. If you explore between the trees properly you will see her gravestone still there today.

A Dog Walk Through Witch Wood, Lytham

Exploring The Woods

Even though you are by a town and even a railway line, as soon as you enter the woods you feel far removed from it all. The shades of green all around is remarkable and on a hot, sunny day you are shielded from the burning rays.

It is remarkable how well kept it is and all done by volunteers. I must tip my hat to the Lytham St Annes Civic Society who work hard all year round to maintain it. The diversity of trees and flowers is remarkable and has such a natural feel that these places should have.

A Dog Walk Through Witch Wood, Lytham

Malc loves it here too. Whenever I am in the Lytham area we always take a walk through. He can run, climb and explore. It is popular with other dog walkers too so great for some extra socialisation for them. Running, jumping through the bushes and trees.

A Dog Walk Through Witch Wood, Lytham

Of course he can be his daft self as well. He enjoys checking out every nook and cranny 🙂

A Dog Walk Through Witch Wood, Lytham

Every so often on the way, the sunlight gets through and flowers are in bloom. Insects and birds of all types are in abundance and busy amongst the colours.

A Dog Walk Through Witch Wood, Lytham

I am looking forward to getting back here to Witch Wood in Autumn when the many shades of brown and gold appear on the trees and ground. Plus Spring is a marvel too, with bluebells galore.

If you are ever in the Fylde Coast area and Lytham, and you want a short, yet beautiful walk away from the coast itself, I would certainly recommend this place. Even more so if you want a happy dog.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.

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