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This chocolate cheesecake recipe has been passed around by my friends, as anyone who eats it wants to make it. It is a big hit with kids and adults alike, plus it is ideal for a dinner party dessert or just a teatime treat. It’s also totally worth the calories!

chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake – 8 servings


6oz Digestive Biscuits

3oz Unsalted Butter

225g Cream Cheese (Philadelphia or equivalent)

300ml Whipping Cream or Double Cream

225g Milk Chocolate (I use Green & Blacks)

3tbs Toffee sauce (shop bought is fine)

I use a fairly deep 20cm diameter loose bottomed baking tin

Prep time: 30 mins 

Setting time in fridge: 3 hours (I prefer to make this the day before, though)


To make the biscuit base, place the digestive biscuits in a Ziploc or freezer bag and crush them with a rolling pin.  Mix with the melted butter and pat down inside the base of the baking tin so that it is even and compact

biscuits crushed in tin

Next you want to whip your cream but not too thickly and mix it in with the cream cheese to create a heavy mixture

Pour half of this into a separate bowl so you have 2 bowls of the mixture

Melt your chocolate (in the microwave is fine, or using a bain-marie) and allow to cool slightly

Add the melted chocolate to one of the bowls and stir in.  In the other bowl, mix in the toffee sauce

spoon the mixture

Empty both of the bowls into the baking tin, make a marble effect using a fork to mix up the toffee mixture with the chocolate mixture so you get the swirls of colour

set in the dridge

Put into the fridge to set

After about 3 hours you can slowly push up the loose bottom of the baking tin to remove the cake and decorate it as you would like.  I usually grate some chocolate on the top or put chocolate stars on it.  It can be as creative or simple as you like because it’ll look fabulous anyway!

Enjoy! Bon appetite.

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