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Some vegan puddings have ingredients that most have never heard of. Cacoa nibs, flax egg…. none of that in this Chocolate Orange Tart Recipe! I’ve been making some variation of this for YEARS and it always goes down so well with vegans and non vegans alike.


250g vegan biscuits

100-150g vegan butter or margarine

2 Tablespoons sugar

300g dark chocolate

240ml full fat coconut milk

1 large juicy orange

For the chocolate, most “regular” dark chocolate is accidentally vegan. I used Lidl cheap own brand, but some others that you could try are Bournville by Cadburys, Morrisons own brand, Asda extra special etc…

You also have a choice of biscuits you can use. I used digestives, but you could use Oreos, Oaties, Rich Teas, Ginger Nuts, the list is endless. As with anything, make sure to check the packet for non vegan ingredients (milk and egg will be in bold since they’re are listed allergen).

Obviously this isn’t the healthiest of dishes, but it sure is delicious.

chocolate and orange tart served, vegan


Crush the biscuits into a fine crumb using either a rolling pin or a food processor.

Melt the butter in a microwave in 10 second intervals (stirring between each). Mix melted butter and biscuits together. Only add enough butter so the mixture resembles wet sand.

Press into a loose bottomed cake tin (the choice of size is up to you really as there is no baking involved). You can use the back of a glass to help you press it in. Make sure to put the

Melt the chocolate in a metal bowl over simmering water add in the coconut milk, stir and take the bowl off the heat.

Grate the orange peel into the chocolate mixture.

Pour the chocolate mixture into the base and chill for about 4 hours.

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