Vegan Junk Food and Recent Vegan Eats

Veganism is on the rise. With this comes a flurry a new plant based food options. Lately, I’ve been eating out probably more than I should so here are some of my favourite vegan ‘junk food’ that I’ve had over the last few months.

Temple of Seitan (London)

I’ve never experienced anything like this before – it’s basically vegan KFC but tastier! We decided on the Temple Spicy burger, the ‘bacon’ mac and cheese and the wings and it was all absoultely delicious.

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Forky’s (Prague, Czechia)

As far as European capitals go, Prague wasn’t one of the best for vegan options in my opinion. Alas, when holidaying here recently, we found a little gem called Forky’s. Forky’s is entirely vegan and has a massive array of different types of food to try. As always, I tried the burger. It was my first time trying the “Beyond Burger”- a pea based protein burger funded by the likes of Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio (it did not disappoint). I also tried the “No-fish and chips”, tofu fried with nori (seaweed sheets) to give that fishy flavour.

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Purezza (London)

This is a fully vegan pizzeria in Camden, London. We got the pizzas on a lovely sourdough base. The first picture was a calzone filled with seitan and the second was a pizza with artichoke and beetroot (I love anything with artichoke!). For pud we got an oreo pizza, absolutely delicious even if we only needed a slither each as it was so indulgent.

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Loving Hut (Prague)

A notable mention goes out to loving hut. The savoury food wasn’t up to much in my opinion but the desserts… WOW.  On the left was a chocolate ‘cheeze’cake and on the right a black forest gateau.

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Written by Jessica Wilkes

Jessica, a 22 year old Graduate Actuary living in Leeds. Since becoming vegan 3 years ago, I've been forced to improve my skills in the kitchen and here I wish to document my ongoing vegan journey and share my tips - 'veganizing' my favourite meals and trying to find a way to like broccoli.

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