Swapping City Living For The Good Life

Swapping City Living For The Good Life 1

My good Friend Paul The Baldhiker asked me to write a short article here on the Mental Health benefits of getting into the ‘Great Outdoors’ and letting the fresh air (if you have any 😉 ) rush through your hair.

As well as a Marketing & Communications Consultant I’m the Chairperson for a Mental Health Charity in Scotland called The Joshua Nolan Foundation, the details can be found in my bio. 

Essentially we provide expert one to one counselling for anyone in Scotland who is feeling their life or life circumstance is currently too difficult to deal with.

As a former self confessed ‘coach potato’ I now have no idea what I’d do without the countryside, big open green spaces, parks and essentially ‘the outdoors’ in general…

Research indicates that one of the best things you can do, if feeling down, or just a bit ‘fed-up’ is some gentle exercise. 

It physiologically gets the endorphins or ‘happy hormones’ circulating in your brain which in turn can have a positive effect on keeping anxiety at bay and improving your general well-being.

I recently moved back to beautiful Scotland  after 12 years in both London and Amsterdam. London was fun but of course very built up. My job was also a high pressured one in a big Advertising Agency. And in wonderful contrast I’d forgotten how beautiful Scotland can be and how incredibly refreshing and invigorating the outdoors can be as well as how much fresher the air is up here! 

I recently rented a beautiful home in Aviemore nestled in the forest there. I daily got up early ~ it gets light in Scotland by 4am during the summer months ) and walked for at least 40 minutes to one hour each day on my own.

Swapping City Living For The Good Life 2

The feeling of ‘being one with nature’ as they say ~ cannot be under estimated. 

I did a lot of thinking up there and made some big decisions which resulted in me subsequently buying a new flat in Edinburgh I had been prevaricating over. As well as spurring me on to follow my heart and give singing Soprano a real go again.

Swapping City Living For The Good Life 3

So far, all good. 

I now have a beautiful new home in Edinburgh, am singing lead Soprano at Edinburgh’s St Mary’s Cathedral every Sunday and have been even in the Mental head space to meet someone I like so who knows right?

I cannot recommend walking, hiking or any form of gentle exercise more highly. Especially when done in some of Britain’s most beautiful surroundings.

I’m a huge advocate of any form of physical exercise, and strongly believe some time outdoors can positively set you up for the day ahead.

Baldhiker is a huge inspiration to me and many of us I know. 

If you’ve got the time, get up a little earlier than normal and walk around your environment when sun is rising. It’s one of the most truly magical times of day. Good for the heart, body, mind and soul. 

Give it a try ~ I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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