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In a previous post I showed and talked about an absolutely wonderful stay at The Auldgirth Inn,  near Dumfries, Scotland. What I omitted from that was the food element because I thought it deserved a post all to itself for sure.

I had heard well before my visit of the food here and how it brings people flocking back time and time again. I was soon to find out why that was so. A tasting menu extravaganza at the Auldgirth Inn will be one of those food experiences I will not forget in a hurry. A delicious menu in every way, that is for sure.

6 courses of delight to look forward to and each one completely different, like going on an adventure with the senses. From seating you are able to see the chefs working hard to ensure you are brought a meticulously prepared and delicious plate of food at every course.

Of course I took the option to pair wine with each course, had to be done. Prosecco and oysters to start with after snacks? Yes please…

Some people are not oyster fans. I can say that I am but the seasoning on these took them to another level if I must say. Perfect.

The next course was Beef Carpaccio with Asian dressing, wasabi. This is the course shown in the main image at the top of this article. It was definitely one of my favourite courses. The beef was perfect and the dressings topped it off wonderfully. Of course the sparkling shiraz was lovely and welcome too!

Now then, here is where I kept finding it difficult to name a ‘favourite’ course. Because each course was a favourite in its own way. No course clashed. Take the next course for instance. Pork Belly with scallops and wild garlic.

Pork Belly is something I regularly have and now when I have it after this it can seem plain if you know what I mean 🙂

Another aspect of the meal here I loved was that you got a real explanation, often by the chefs themselves, with each course, about how the food was sourced and the inspiration behind them. Not a big speech to spoil the flow but a real friendly and enthusiastic chat. You can really see how here, your comfort and enjoyment is a priority.

Now then, the venison course…

Yummy, very yummy! I also loved the gnocchi which was cooked to perfection. What got me even more was that even cooking it perfectly whilst it was sealed around some succulent pulled venison inside.

The wines were getting gloriously deeper and red as the meat meals came so you can imagine the tastebuds were getting a full on treat all the way along.

It was time for the dessert, chocolate fondant with raspberry sorbet.

What a finish. I am not always a dessert eater but I could not let this go amiss could I, the colours and taste were magical.

What I found was that every portion size for each course must have been worked out so well to make you completely satisfied, not full and certainly not hungry at the end that is for sure.

The culinary delights of the stay were definitely not over of course. There was breakfast to look forward to and if the food above was anything to go by then I was certainly going to give myself the rare treat of a full breakfast here

Gosh! amazing. Time to get out for a hike now 🙂

Honestly, I had heard by word of mouth how good the food is here at the Auldgirth Inn, now I believe every word. You must try it if you are in the Dumfries area at any time. Enjoy!

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