Mammut Ultimate Pro Low GTX Hiking Shoes from Go Outdoors

Not every walk requires boots, although personally if getting rocky or mountainous I personally wear boots with good ankle support. Seen to many accidents in my time. But, for long flat walks, daily walks, dog walks and treks without too much rocky path underneath I have been looking for a lightweight, waterproof, comfortable walking shoe, no more hot feet on a hot hiking day when no need.

mammut-shoes-1-2 Mammut Ultimate Pro Low GTX Hiking Shoes from Go Outdoors

I was kindly sent a pair to test out by Go Outdoors… The Mammut Ultimate Pro Low GTX® Hiking Shoes. Time to give them a good whirl on a days dog walk. Come on Rusty, let’s go!

Immediately, as soon as I held them to put on I was impressed by how light they were! Unbelievably light. I have slippers that are heavier than these. 305 g for the pair, when you are used to hiking in big old boots it certainly added a spring to my step that’d for sure.

mammut-shoes-2 Mammut Ultimate Pro Low GTX Hiking Shoes from Go Outdoors

Looking at them you wonder how they managed to get them so waterproof as announced, but they are indeed. They are soft shell and elasticated Gore Tex too. This ensures complete comfort and full waterproofing. I found that not only did they not need breaking in but I tested them in the shallow river and puddles last week and my feet stayed completely dry.

They also have a lot of technology in them that negates that need for breaking in. A rolling cushioning that enables the shoes quickly to cushion and form around your natural gait, stance and walk. Above the sole you have lots of lightweight rubber protection from any bumps on the trail. Speaking of soles, if you have ever walked here in Yorkshire amongst the limestone you will of course know about the terror of walking over it on a wet day. These shoes have tremendous grip using gripex technology.

mammut-shoes-3 Mammut Ultimate Pro Low GTX Hiking Shoes from Go Outdoors

Rusty doesn’t mind what I wear, as long as we are out walking in the fresh air. Gone are the days of him waiting for me to put cumbersome old boots on just for a local riverside walk. These shoes are very much, on, out the door and go!

mammut-shoes-1-3 Mammut Ultimate Pro Low GTX Hiking Shoes from Go Outdoors

I am sure he will appreciate me going faster anyway 😉 And at least I will be in comfort too. Look after your feet, and they will look after you.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. These shoes are very comfortable. But when out walking sweat bulids up inside makeing my toes cold .sweat builds up inside ..

  2. Ooh I’ll show this to my husband. He used to have Mammut boots and loved them, I’m sure he’ll like the sound and look of these x

    • Hi Keri, these are great shoes for the summer and for in showers 🙂

  3. Nice!! i love Mammut. They’ve been my walking boot of choice for over 10 years now and are very comfy for my feet

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