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A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

It was a sunny day, I had time for a local stroll and Rusty was most definitely raring to get out on a walk. I was thinking of somewhere different but local for me and realised today was a Waggy Tail Day at Beningbrough Hall. Yes! Lead, camera, let’s go! One of my favourite walks in the area is the walk of the parkland that surrounds Beningbrough Hall. Now we have a chance to wander within, ready Rusty?

dog-beningbrough-5 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

I have shown you previously a glimpse of the parkland walk and previously, and with good reason the gardens and area around Beningbrough Hall itself has been a dog free area. That has changed this year and now there is a trial period were, on selected days, people are allowed to bring their dogs along around the property. An opportunity that can’t be missed. The gardens around the Hall are wonderful, so a perfect opportunity for Rusty to enjoy the sunshine, flowers and views.

dog-beningbrough-6 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

In fact there are 8 acres of gardens to explore, plus the only areas dogs aren’t allowed at present are the walled gardens, the children’s adventure play area and within the hall itself. The world is your oyster everywhere else and a great setting for us to take advantage of. Rusty loves variety and the smells coming from the huge array of flowers kept his senses high for sure 🙂

dog-beningbrough-11 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

I could see there were many others enjoying the opportunity to bring their dogs. All dogs are on leads of course so all friendly greetings between wagging tails all round.

It was Spring, so a perfect chance to enjoy the colours and views of the Ha-Ha Walk. Firstly, you may ask, what is a Ha-Ha? Well on the South side of the House, the gardens seamlessly seem to blend into the open fields and parkland beyond, I suppose you could say an infinity lawn. In fact it is an ingenious design from when the house was built to blend all in yet keep livestock away from the garden. There is a recess before a wall, hidden from view when looking out from the house.

dog-beningbrough-8 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

The name Ha-Ha is said to originate from the exclamation of surprise the livestock would have felt when approaching the obstacle. A variation on aha! Above is the view from the outside but below here shows how the design keeps an unbroken view out over the landscape. (The ha-ha wall and ditch is after those first 2 trees but before the cows).

dog-beningbrough-9 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

The ha-ha walk is more special than that of course. 300,000 bulbs have been planted by the staff and volunteers to create a wonderful world of colour and blossom. The snowdrops had faded to daffodils and amongst the colour you can sit and peacefully wonder looking out over the parkland.

dog-beningbrough-10 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

The gardens themselves are incredible to see and the blooms and colours are definitely around every corner. Walled gardens, victorian gardens and much much more. In fact every visit brings something new. And currently there is a 10 year plan to keep the improvements coming, in partnership with award winning garden designer Andy Sturgeon, another reason to keep coming back to see.

In fact, each time I visit there are always staff and volunteers working tirelessly to maintain the experience and colourful surroundings, I tip my hat to them 🙂

dog-beningbrough-4 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

The paths are wonderfully maintained and I was thinking about how if lots of us dog owners respect the place and enjoy it then the trial of doggy days will become the norm and dog owners can enjoy the gardens and beyond all the time. Rusty certainly enjoyed it! 🙂

If you would like to know the Waggy Tail Days for Beningbrough Hall and Gardens during this trial period then you can check their website for all the information you need.

dog-beningbrough-7 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

I must say Rusty enjoyed it, plus all the fuss he got from other visitors too. He loves a fuss for sure. We ended up wandering the grounds a few times, relaxing in the sunshine in and between.

Then afterwards we took the opportunity to wander the parkland too. Through the woods, bluebells starting to show, green appearing after the long hard winter.

dog-beningbrough-1 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

dog-beningbrough-2 A Doggy Day at Beningbrough Hall and Gardens

Thoroughly enjoyable, thoroughly recommended. If you want a day out with your dog in the York area, a place that is full of colourful and interesting sights and smells for not just the dog but the whole family, then head to Beningbrough Hall 🙂

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele

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