BaldHiker Clothing – Adventure Anywhere, To Baldly Go


Adventure Anywhere, two words that inspire me and I must admit my travels have taken me far and wide seeing and doing some amazing things. Due to popular demand it is with great pleasure to open the BaldHiker Clothing Store.

A whole range of tops and styles are on offer with designs to suit all tastes from a sense of adventure to a humerous nod to my bald hiking. Hoodies, t-shirts, jumpers, baseball tops. Also with a wealth of colours to choose from, there is also a kids section for little adventurers.

All tops are printed in the UK and worldwide shipping is available. All of our BaldHiker products are made from certified organic cotton, all manufactured in a renewable-energy powered factory.

Let us take a look at just a few of the items available (remember all items are available in t-shirt, ladies top, jumper and hoody).

Adventure Anywhere

baldhiker-clothing-3 BaldHiker Clothing - Adventure Anywhere, To Baldly Go

A favourite in the store, head in any direction and enjoy an adventure! The adventure anyway baseball to shown above but as with all, available in any style in the store.

To Baldly Go…

baldhiker-clothing-9 BaldHiker Clothing - Adventure Anywhere, To Baldly Go

You don’t need a lack of hair to enjoy an adventure, but always good to get out with a smile on your face 🙂 The version shown above is the Baldly Go Hoody.

BaldHiker T-Shirt

baldhiker-clothing-7 BaldHiker Clothing - Adventure Anywhere, To Baldly Go

The BaldHiker Classic. Ready for any journey, anywhere. The Baldhiker T-shirt is made as per all the tops, from super-soft organic cotton. Available in all top styles also, and varying colours.

Explore Your World

baldhiker-clothing-8 BaldHiker Clothing - Adventure Anywhere, To Baldly Go

You don’t have to be Christopher Columbus and set off on an epic voyage to see the wonders of the world. Just grab a few essentials and head out into nature and culture and you’ll without doubt make a few amazing discoveries along the way. Check out the Explore Your World BaldHiker Tops.

BaldHiker Icons

baldhiker-clothing-4 BaldHiker Clothing - Adventure Anywhere, To Baldly Go

A design inspired by all things hiking and adventure. The above is on the organic cotton baseball t-shirt. A great top for the outdoors.

There are plenty more designs and styles in the store and of course these tops are great for casual wear as well as on the adventures. Thank you all for your support as always, it is so appreciated. And I look forward to seeing more of your pics of you wearing your BaldHiker Clothing. Send your pics on Social Media and show your smiles.


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